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dukie 10-10-2013 05:22 PM

3rd DRV Sales thread - MOD approved
ALL SOLD OUT!! There will not be any more.

I have some spare parts left like frames, side plates, power tubes, linkage parts, detent parts, springs. Contact me for pricing on what you want, ill make you a good deal lol. buy the whole works and I will make you a really good deal and send everyone to you.

There are no 3rd gen valve caps, cylinders or feeds available at all. Don't bother asking! :)

Here is what you will be ordering:

PICS ( Special thanks to CJOttawa for the fancy production pics!) ALL MARKERS SOLD IN DUST BLACK

Here are the specs:

- .68 Cal
- Cocking the hammer rotates the cylinder and latches the hammer. Pull the trigger and it fires. Repeat for each shot.
- Under barrel spring feed ~10 round. The spring feed is used to reload the cylinder as it rotates. You must pull the cylinder to refill the springfeed.
- 12 gram powered
- CCI 12gram bucket changer is integrated into the grip. This can be removed and a remote line installed.
- The valve comes out the back without dissasembly of the rest of the marker
- Cocker barrel threading
-External velocity adjustment.
-Dust black anodizing
-2nd generation indexing detent for improved sealing and indexing
-3rd generation valve cap for improved sealing and ease of maintenance
-2nd generation cocking pall for improved spring life.
-Serial numbers will be hand stamped. "3XX"
-Comes stock with 2 extra cylinders (3 total) if ordered on or before November 1st

OK, now to the down and dirty, the price:

As shown, standard design DRV: $790 CDN plus shipping. No barrel included

If you choose to remove stock parts from your order, I take no responsibility whatsoever how your parts fit, function or look with the parts I have supplied. That being said, if you would like to save yourself some money you can order the marker without some of the off the shelf parts. I have also provided some optional parts that just aren’t cost effective for me to supply in the base price. A “-“ in front means you remove that price from the base price, a “+” means that you add that to the base price, or a combination of the two.

+25 CDNS Extra cylinder.

+12 CDN Springfeed replacement plug

+5 CDN Raw aluminum parts, you take car of your own prep and anodizing.

+50 CDN 5 round springfeed ( I don't see th point of making 8's again, its a silly size)

+25 CDN 3rd generation valve cap

The way it works

If you decide to order one ( or 5 if you want :) )

-Post in the thread as well what you wanted to order so that there is an easily accessible “paper” trail in case you ( or I ) lose the PM’s.

-I will send you a paypal invoice for 50% of what you are ordering ( excluding shipping). You will get my name, address, the amount of the invoice, details of what you have ordered.

-pay the invoice.

-The sales deadline will be November 1st. You have to pay on or before this date!!

-Any changes/customization that you ask for ( other than those listed) will be completed at the end of the manufacturing process. I can handle any customization that you want, but it puts your shipment to the end of the list. I want this production process to proceed as smoothly as possible, building 10 completely custom makers when I am supposed to be building 10 identical markers is not efficient.

-Any changes to your order will change the amount of down payment required, that difference is due when you request the change.

-Customizing will be charged according to hours and materials used. Payment is due before I ship.

-Based on my current schedule, I believe I can complete fabrication in 6 weeks for 15 markers.

- Your down payment is part of the contract with me. It shows that you have ordered in good faith and wish to complete the transaction. It is non refundable, don’t ask for a refund. The only way that you will get that money back is if I cannot complete the order.

-You will recieve the second invoice for the other half of your payment,plus shipping when yours is ready to ship.


Some videos are up:

DRV :: DRVvalveinstal.mp4 video by duke737 - Photobucket

DRV :: DRVvalveremoval.mp4 video by duke737 - Photobucket

DRV :: DRVSideplate.mp4 video by duke737 - Photobucket

DRV :: DRVpallspringadjust.mp4 video by duke737 - Photobucket

DRV :: DRVdetentinstal.mp4 video by duke737 - Photobucket

making a new pall spring:

DRV :: DRVnewpallspring.mp4 video by duke737 - Photobucket

dukie 10-11-2013 09:15 AM

added mod approval and order link!

Grider 10-11-2013 11:00 AM

Nice timing!

Form sent:
Dust Black
Short feed(this option is in addition to the stock feed, correct?)
Feed plug
Valve cap
Pall spring
Cylinder pin

Donut SD 10-11-2013 11:56 AM

Dang it. Can't do the google doc at work, I'll submit my order later today.

but it should include:

1x DRV (as listed)
2x Extra Cylinder (for grand total of 5)
1x 5 round spring feed.
1x valve cap
1x pall spring
1x cylinder pin

EDIT: Doc submitted. updated list here.

Hare 10-14-2013 10:00 AM

I really wanted to buy one, but over 700 for a pistol?

You make me sad :(

dukie 10-14-2013 01:27 PM


Originally Posted by Hare (Post 2822154)
I really wanted to buy one, but over 700 for a pistol?

You make me sad :(

the realities of life will do that to you.

Seeing as how the largest single purchase of these has been a grand total of 2 the price will stay high.

If someone wants to buy 1000 of them ( or even a couple of you to spread out the love) I can bring the price down to compare to other pistols. I doubt that's going to happen lol.

It could be worse.... I figure if a person wanted a single frame machined at a job shop it would run about $1000. no other parts, just the frame.

Regardless - Invoices sent to those that have already put in their orders!

macloacas 10-15-2013 04:53 PM

Been wanting one from some time.

Here is my order:
Dust black DRV
1x Short feed
1x Feed plug
1x Valve cap
1x Pall spring
1x Cylinder pin
2x Extra Cylinder

macloacas 10-17-2013 01:16 AM

Invoice paid.

Nugg014 10-19-2013 01:11 PM

Parts ordered

2 Valve cap
2 Pall spring
2 Cylinder pin

Nugg014 10-21-2013 04:53 PM


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