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I'm in as well, just pre-ordered.
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It's taken us entirely too long to get the project to this point, and we are both very excited to finally be at this stage.

A few clarifications/nerdy expounding on Jacob's description:

We did several experiments with designs that were almost entirely mechanically dwelled to mixed results. One even completely rebalanced during the firing cycle and would continue forward for a full shot across the entire dwell range we had available with no appreciable change in velocity - but had some reliability issues. It can be an excellent method to control a system, but the system we landed on is not independent of electronic dwell. It has several features that allow the valve to both open and close faster than other aftermarket bolts for the G series of guns which help in the improved efficiency we see. It is also not as sensitive to the electronic dwell as other bolts often are. It has mechanically improved response to the electronic dwell, but not independent.

The active devolumizing is not a necessary component, and has tradeoffs in using it. The devolumizing piston is a very close fit within the bore of the rear cap and has a .040" hole through the face of it. As the chamber pressure drops during the firing cycle, the air mostly trapped behind the piston propels it forward, helping to maintain a higher average pressure in the dump chamber during the cycle, aiding in efficiency. However - the piston is moving forward, and does slightly increase the amount of perceived recoil.

The volume available in the firing chamber during the shot is significantly larger than what is available to both the stock configuration and any other aftermarket bolts. This allows tuning in two potential ways - lowering the operating pressure and increasing dwell for a softer, but less efficient shot. Increasing pressure and lowering dwell for a more efficient shot. The larger volume available means that during the pressure drop portion of the cycle, the pressure will drop less than in a system with similar volume allowing for more efficient use of the energy delivered to the ball.

The various pictures of the prototypes - there are 5 different firing systems amongst those pictures. Not all are abandoned to the tried and failed graveyard.

Thanks for the support so far everybody.
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Money sent!
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Curious to get an explanation of the final form.
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Just sent my preorder and forgot to put my username with the payment....
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Ok so when is the new automag engine coming out?
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Subbing to this thread! Lookin' really good.
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The final form shares similarities with some of the older blow forwards using what has been referred to by some as a "champagne cork" type of valve (primarily the Mag and Freestyle), but with emphasis placed on cleanliness of flow, minimizing pre-expansion volume, and minimizing the distance needed in the bolt retraction to re-seal the valve - both for efficiency's sake.

The bolt core is predominantly hollow, with the sides cut in to expose a path to the front face. This was chosen over the more traditional cutouts in the face (last image in the original post) due to simplicity machining it and an increased flow area through the face. Prototypes were made and tested of each.

The powertube/core interaction that determines the biasing during the firing cycle was decided upon, in large part, so that the pair can work properly in both a G3 and a G4 - the G4 having a smaller sail area and subsequent lesser ability to reset a larger diameter core.

There were several variations of hollow valving looked at and tested, but put on the back burner for various reasons. One of them was very efficient, but required running the pressures higher than we were comfortable doing given people's general hatred and distrust of higher pressure. While it was a super performer, we knew it would be an uphill battle to get people to intentionally change to a system that ran at a higher pressure than the competition despite better efficiency. Another of them also had great efficiency, but was too temperamental and very dwell sensitive. Great systems, but not meant for a gun like the G series that forces some rather specific compromises to be made.

The volume was added to the back cap both to allow for various forms of active devolumizing and for the different tuning potentials - primarily the ability to maintain or increase pressure and lower dwell.

The active devolumizing is something I've been tinkering with for years (I remember a discussion we had about it on coolhand's spinoff tinker's guild somewhere around 2006). Doesn't get the impressive side effect of recoil canceling that the Eigenring does, but the testing with it so far has had a very positive impact on efficiency. The system was primarily tested before it was added and works perfectly without it, but we wanted to provide the option. Alternatives of the AD system is something we are continuing to look at for the engine, one of which had an incredibly impressive impact on efficiency, but cut the max ROF too low for comfort so it went back to the drawing board for potential as an optional component later.

1/8" NPT port on the back by persistent request.
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When I click on the buy now it just opens a window with the button
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Originally Posted by Vitalsilence View Post
When I click on the buy now it just opens a window with the button
Give me a few minutes and I'll see what's up. It looks like it opens up a link to the paypal site AND to the place where the picture is hosted.
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