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Paintballer50505 06-17-2014 09:35 PM

FloryPB CCI Cram N Jams are back
Some have been following my thread in the cci section where I have been making another run of Cram N Jams that were a popular seller for me a few years back.

I have three polished raw now and more ready to go
Classic Style on Left
Angled Style in middle
A one off Angled Style on the right

Here are a few pics of the classics in dust raw if anyone is interested in it this way, these will eventually be polished out as I have time. I have 9 classics and 9 angled ones in dust currently.

These Cram N Jams are the lowest profile you will find, the through hole is offset, which is more machining time, in order to get the crammer as low to the body as possible. The Crammers are also a 1" diameter like the phantom body making it look more proportional to me. Also I sandblast all of them before polishing to give the inside a matte finish instead of a machined or polish finish to give a little more friction to hold onto the tubes.

Crammers come with a stainless steel mounting screw, it is exactly the same as the original CCI screw now you just have two in case you misplace one.


raw polished
$35 Shipped Priority to anywhere in the US.

Raw Dust
$30 Shipped Priority to anywhere in the US.

Anodized black and clear ones are coming as well no exact time table though.
They will cost $45 shipped

I always ship priority mail with a tracking number
I guarantee my parts to function as intended and my machined parts are always warrantied
I will ship outside of the US just need to check what the additional flat rate cost will be.

First product of many coming back look for more big things to come throughout the summer.

Paintballer50505 06-17-2014 10:25 PM

IThe one off is gone.

bigandugly 06-17-2014 11:50 PM

I couldn't find these searching the forums, and lo and behold, here they are!

I'd like to purchase a raw angled one please (do you think that's the best looking one for a Phantom Revolution?). Can you PM me your Paypal address?

Paintballer50505 06-18-2014 12:01 AM

Angled one pending,

will need to polish up some more tomorrow

Chris-C 06-18-2014 08:36 AM

PM sent :)

Paintballer50505 06-18-2014 10:07 AM

Angled sold classic sold need to polish some more inventory.

kospauste 06-18-2014 10:16 AM

Please let me know as soon as you make some black polished and dust. They look great!

Paintballer50505 06-18-2014 11:26 AM

No problem man still setting up the ano shop to do these

PhantomGSI 06-18-2014 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by kospauste (Post 2976346)
Please let me know as soon as you make some black polished and dust. They look great!


Paintballer50505 06-21-2014 04:04 PM

6 more have been polished up

I have three more classics and 3 more angled ones ready to go

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