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Rail Milling

ok guys so i decided to venture into the world of milling rails, and well i am starting off quite well, i just need cash right now, and i know alot of you guys like to get your Automag rails ule milled and custom milled to your liking, and well i can do that here is some pics to prove it, now this rail was my first one and it turned out quite well my second one was even better

as you can see its been ule milled and the outside has been custom milled, idk if you can tell it, but around the screw holes the rail has little recessed slots in them and it looks cool, and i also shortened the front and back of the rail a little bit, its pretty awesome and i am proud of it, and Warden is the lucky man he gets to sport it on his Automag

Basically what i am trying to say is i can mill rails and i am going to start doing it for others, all you have to do is send me your rail ill mill it and give it back

Turn around time for the rails is more than likely going to be about a week, i have school and stuff to do

the Cost

ULE milling is $20 for any rail
Custom milling is going to cost from $15 and up, depending on how hard it is
Custom milling and Ule milling is gonna cost around 30 and up once again depending on how hard it is to mill

well there you go, if you have any ?s feel free to pm me


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My first customers rail, its an emag rail and it looks quite nice i think
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