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tetravaal 10-02-2011 10:11 PM

Racegun Open Source Paintball Board (OSPB)
To see all the details and or my progress check out my blog.

In My Experience
Start old and go newer to see the whole thing.

As well a video of some of the programming I have done on the project so far.
Open Source Paintball Board - Video 2 - YouTube

There is a small but dedicated Racegun Autococker group across the US and after a post on about a grad student wanting to make a NEW board, we all started drooling over the possibilities. Unfortunately he decided to take a different route, but myself and a few others have chosen to press on and see what we can come up with.

The tentative name is the "Open Source Paintball Board" and it aims to firstly
- Be a replacement board for the Racegun with updated features
- Possibly be small enough and configurable enough to use in many other guns

I know what your thinking.. Tetravaal, there are other boards out there that do that ALREADY (Scenario Dreams). So there is a 3rd mission for this board that I feel like the other solutions dont have. To be transparent with information so that if we decide to stop work on the project, others can pick it up. That's been the flaw with Racegun and others, is that when someone wants to make changes or improvements they are forced to design a solution from the ground up. Hopefully with this project, if someone wants to make a different code version, they can take what we have, and build on it. That being said, I will post my code, but I want to get it past the alpha stage before I show off what I have! :-)

If you want to suggest features, please feel free to do so below! By trade I work for the a big computer company, so none of this is my profession and I am NOT an expert. If you want to help out, or give suggestions we welcome it! Post here, custom cockers, or my blog.

Here is the project as it was when I started..

Board - Arduino (NANO)
Power - 9V, but you could put from 5-12v without issues
Gun will NOT be rechargeable (9v batteries are cheap!)
Board can be programmed via USB

A-List features (Most important!!!)
Use existing racegun cables/connectors (Minus the propriatary LEMO connection.. This would be replaced with USB)
Use existing racegun buttonpad/LED (others can be wired in EASILY)
Programming via trigger/buttonpad
Semi-Auto mode
Piezo speaker for audio feedback

B-List features
All classic racegun fireing modes (Sniper, FA, Ramping, ETC)
Tournament fire modes (the common ones)
ROF cap

C-List Features (Throw in the kitchen sink!)
OLED screen
Blue tooth programming
Haptic Feedback (Vibration.. Like in your cellphone)
Pressure Monitoring - Beeps/Vibrates when your gun is low on air
Timing Wizard
Audio output chip
Re-work button pad for racegun

tjd10684 11-21-2011 11:02 PM

I am extremely interested in this project. I was looking into making an arduino based board for my spyder pump project and im sure that most of the code would be able to carry over. change some sensors a tweak here and there and it surely would work. is their any way you would be willing to post what you have now and some wiring schematics?

diesel_fireman2001 11-21-2011 11:52 PM

I have been watching this on CC. Something to add, while Scenario Dreams board may work, it is VARY basic and unriliable. Only one of my 4 Scenario dreams boards still works.

R-M-I 01-15-2013 09:27 AM

Is this project still alive?

I've been tinkering a lot with paintball-boards lately aswell and would be nice to follow the development on this thing :)

I'm mostly into rewriting firmware for the eblade boards right now.. Using the existing board-design as it is, and "just" flashing custom firmware onto it.
My C isn't what it used to be though... And my ASM is even worse :P Would be great to get input from other people that actually want to tinker with these kinds of things..

This project is written entirely in arduino?

simenaa 01-15-2013 03:02 PM

got this as a reply on cc
As for the open source board... He kinda fell off the edge of the planet and is now orbeting mars..

Darkapollo 01-15-2013 06:05 PM

Yeah. That was probably my quote..
No one has heard from him in over a year.
I tried to keep it alive as long as I could, but with out a new board the project stalled and eventually died.

As for writing new firmware, I looked into it and I dont have the resources to crack the compiled FW to extract the code.
If I had the decompiled code I could probably mess with it. I talked to my RaceGunsUSA guy and we discussed it in great detail. The 4.0.0FW taxed the board processor almost to the max.

R-M-I 01-16-2013 12:59 AM

Not much of a open source project if nothing is open source about ut, except for the use of an arduino :P

What about writing new code for the E1 and E2 boards? :) I'd guess writing code in C would be easier then writing it in ASSEMBLY? :)

I've set up a programmer and built a interface-cable that goes directly into the original update-port of the eblade boards already.. The chips are code-protected though so not much usefull information to gather from them without doing some pretty invasive RE. Including acid and UV-lighting certain parts.

To view the assembly-debug info you could just run the firmware in IDA-Pro for instance..
There's no way of converting the Assembly-code back into a high-level programming-language though..

If er can get enough knowledgeable people on-board on a collaboration to develop either code for existing boards or or to write new from scratch or template, I'm in :)

Darkapollo 01-16-2013 07:10 AM

Oh there are ways to crack open a FirmWare..
Need a linux computer and some special software (free though) to do it. The nice thing about race is the FW was all user updated so it was released to the public. No trying to read the chips. I have all of the FW on my PC as well as it being hosted online.

He had intended to release the code once he was done, but since he isnt around any more who knows where it went. I know he had a working prototype, but thats about it.

My part in the play was body and valve design for a potential new halfblock. THAT isnt open for public viewing.. The body design is, but not the valve.

R-M-I 01-16-2013 07:35 AM

Well..the thing is.. I have the EBLADE (E2) firmwares on my computer aswell.
They are BIN-files actually.
According to magic\binwalk they are stored as "G3 data, byte padded". Which sounds weird to me..

I'm sure there are several ways of uncompressing and getting the HEX-file out of it..
I have a slight feeling that the decryption\decompression is done in the FW-upload utility, and that it NEEDS to be done via serial. (A bootloader).
Which in turn means I need to build a USB ro RS232\serial-cable\module. Shouldn't be too hard to make though.

In regards to the firmwarefiles for the racegun; I would also assume that the hex-files themselves aren't all that helpful. I guess you could convert them into ASM, and possibly edit SOME things. If you happen to be extremely knowledgeable in low-level programming.. Converting HEX and\or ASM to a high-level language(C, C++ etc.) is like converting a hamburger back into a cow.

Darkapollo 01-16-2013 08:18 AM

The G3 data seems odd because that is how an image (picture not data) file is made. Seems odd to me too.

I never went too far down the rabbit hole with writing a new firmware since I was told that 4.0.0 was already stressing the processor to its limits. There was a brief talk with Jim from APE about maybe doing a quick and dirty re-engineering and copy of the board, but it was a VERY brief convo.
Basically it ended with him telling me I would have to find every single person with a race frame and convince them to buy a new board, shell out the money, AND THEN it might be made.

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