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what can I use as a plastic filler

I have a black tpx.
And want to fill the grip windows.
So has to be black.

Any and all advice greatly appreciated

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I would use JB weld but its not black. You will have to sand it and paint it black. I'm not sure if you are going to find a black filler but JB weld gets rock hard and I have used it several times to repair plastics.
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You could try sugru, but I don't think it will cure hard enough for what you want.

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Use good quality epoxy with black dye mixed in. My local Tap Plastics carries the powdered dye. Since you aren't mixing up a huge quantity of epoxy I'd probably use the Devcon 2-ton Crystal Clear epoxy, which you can find at Ace Hardware.
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You should be using a fibered plastic fusor. You want the fibers for the strength and to bridge the gap from the trigger frame over to the holes. cut a piece of plastic roughly the shape of the hole to fill, plastic weld in place, use the fusor over the top to skim it and sand down, top coat with a non fibered fusor and sand smooth, then prime and paint with a paint that is ok to use on plastic, or have it ceramic coated.

This would be the strongest longest lasting way to do it. Also I would consider it the correct way, as this is how plastic auto parts such as bumpers are smoothed and shaved.

I can take care of the ceramic coating for you. I could do all of the work if you needed help doing it.
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Or you could sharpie the window black

I would just use 5 minute epoxy and paint it with a Qtip (spray paint on a piece of cardboard and just dab it over)

Or take the window out, spray paint it, and put it back in with epoxy
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