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Pending funds I would be down for a DRV...

Originally Posted by Bagels View Post
When face palm is not enough, you face rocket.
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Poor and Indebted
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I'm down for a DSG pending the timing and the state of my wallet.
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Whats Paintball Gun? NOT
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I would like to be on this list for the dsg
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Modern Intel Guy
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Interested in a DRV
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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'd like a DRV I think....please don't take too long before you accept orders....I have this horrible tendency to hemorrhage money....
For Sale/Trade
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Pumps in the Woods
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i'd really like one of each but my walet, piggy bank, and bank account will never let me

but pending on time i'd really like a dsg
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Will you ship to New Zealand? im interested in a DSG pending state of bank acc at time of release
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DSG would be sweet, but I don't know how broke I'll be at the time.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
barrels are like women - everyone likes them for their subtle differences and personal preferences. ALthough at this price, they cost substantially less than women.

(caution: barrels are not like women, do NOT insert your p3nis into a barrel)
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DSG :]

But seriously.

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