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no compromise
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Got the guy yesterday, awesome ! First here in Switzerland ?
Can't wait to play it.

My feedbacks
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Stock class SPAM
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So I got my parts back from Caustic Customs Ano and spent the last 2 hours putting this bad boy together. Now I know it's not a full Dukie, it's still got it where it counts. Pardon the multiple posts in different threads in MCB about this marker, but hell you would too if you spent 2 years getting this together and it came out this well!

Mahaloes again Dukie for making an awesome trigger and a rain cover that perfectly fits my needs!
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Sorry, that's classified.
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Niiice! Reserving my spot here for when mine is assembled. I have it out together rough but there's some small parts I need to get my hands on, then I'll post up again

I'm glad yours came out so well jackal

EDIT: Here's a quick one. Better pictures later

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Buzz Killington
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My Dukie phantom is almost complete! Just needs the slide kit, and feed! =D

It's complete!!!
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Killer Kanas
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Taken in my bathroom because it had the best lighting =)

DSG #004
14 inch deadlywind .693 insert
Inception Barel back .679 insert
Shockwave Technology raptor head gript
jd10684 Raincover with foam inside for rain absorption =)
Forearm pump stramp, which has velcro to attach 12 grams
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So we got hot babes in Sweden, And now even more hotter guns
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Originally Posted by volunteer paintball View Post
If you are taking trades I'll trade you a used PK5 and a Swedishly used Waylost (this one's pretty rare)

Feedback Youtube Channel
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Pump Pimpin
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Sorry, that's classified.
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Location: SoCal, USA

Some pictures of the DSPv2 as it became mine

It took some tweaks to stop the leaks, because I didn't setup the transfer port area right before I got that bottom half of the grip on so tight with the pins. Holds air shoots great I do have to blame the freaked cci barrel I have in there. The insert sits back kind of far, feels like I have to jam the slide forward to get the trigger to connect with the sear. Otherwise, Dukie made this thing pretty awesome!

Edit: yes I know those nylon screws look gross sticking out so far, I just stuck them in without trimming today. Deal with it

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Post Whore
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Setup is finally done. Still deciding whether I want to change to the later generation feedtube for faster feeding or stick with the oldschool pull tube.

It's suprisingly comfortable on the sling even when unfolded.

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It's All In The Reflexes.
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what sling is that?
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