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DLG: new look for an old gun, presenting the newest work from Dukie!

I am currently waiting for it through the mail system, but I'm sure you will share my excitement

The DSG has always seemed like it could be just a bit more to me. A great platform for something else. Some were a little taken aback when I sold my beloved DRV, and this is why! The one thing I could possibly enjoy more!

Just needs care and love and a push (and money) to evolve.

A modified trigger block and new arms were just the thing to add a much needed lever to this gun.

Did I mention how excited I am for this!

So excited!

hot Damn right?!?!?

Without further ado, a Dukie Mare's Leg Lever Action Gun!

This will be my first homage to my favorite Silver Screen Gun. Steve McQueen's gun from Wanted: Dead or Alive, the Mare's Leg.

Most of you will more likely remember it from the more recent, and in color, Firefly and Zombieland.

If a sawed off shotty is a Hog's Leg then the Pistol version of a lever action is a Mare's Leg Cause that is what they kick like :P

I still need to work on the grip to take the lever as flush as possible, add a saddle ring, etc but I am so happy.
Maybe some hydrographic work if not actual wood eventually.

You have made a dream come true. And thanks for putting up with me

Yes, this is quite a bit of money and effort to put into a paintball gun, when I could of just bought a real steel henry of this gun for so much cheaper. But I made a decision a while back, I want to shoot people with this, so paintball wins over!

I apologize, but this will not stay as pretty as it is. This gun will be played with, a lot!

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sick. you should find a wood stock and add that, it would look even better!
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Looks bitchin! Needs a wood grip now.
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Hot damn, that's beautifull; so beautiful that it infact needed to "l"s. But ironchef is right, it would look amazing with a wood stock.
Oh, and Dundadun, have you tried it out yet?

Edit: It's in the mail, so I'm guessing you haven't tried it yet..... Who reads when you have pictures
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I doubt I'll go full stock, cause then it would be a rifle

Like I said, if not real wood for it than at least hydrographic wood dip to the existing grip and forearm.
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HOLY ****!!! as if i didn't want a DSG badly enouh. That is godly.
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Thats awesome looking, you will have to post up when you use her in battle....I'm curious as to how well you can cock and shoot her compared to pump. Maybe a full stock would help to make for a killer cocking as to where I'd think if its not on your shoulder your accuracy might be shiat
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Have you figured out how to rig it to your leg yet? Next SoCal meeting you go to is going to be very interesting.

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I have some pieces to try a leg rig with, we'll see how they work when i can.

For cocking it, dukie has said it is awesomely smooth, no problem there
A couple ways to cock it, forearm thumb over the barrel and cycle with lever hand, or maybe pump it like a normal pump - by cycling left forearm back and forth and leaving the right hand in the lever.
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more gooder
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Why didn't you go with a short feed if you were going for that look? Still wanting to keep the capacity ?
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