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Originally Posted by dukie View Post
Oh ill machine them. I figured that would be the case, when I kept seeing a blank instead of a price beside them , lol.
Gun parts aren't cheap, I paid $10 for a screw, winchester stocks aren't cheap either. If you need real parts to mock from let me know. I've got a 1982 but same general idea.
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Originally Posted by redthirst View Post
I'd personally like to see a pistol with these features:
-air in grip
-springfeed/feed tube
-only two tubes
-easily operated with one hand (semi or thumb cock like dundadun suggested)

with removable stock


Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
Just make the DSG but in a pistol form. 10 round in a springfeed under or over barrel doesn't matter and have it cock like a DRV and have in grip 12 gram like the DRV too.

All of these in one:
DRV like grip with an over or under feed tube. Thumb cocking. Removable stock and 2 different feed tube lengths would allow for pistol or rifle.

bonus feature- reload hole/slot is located in the 'valley' formed by the barrel & feed tube. So you just 'pour' the pballs on the gun, no worry of spilling them.

And this?

this needs to just be a body kit for the tippman pistol internals and mag.
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posted a poll to try and sort this out.
DSGs are in stock
My Feedback
first strike pez dispensers in stock - pm me!
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