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Dukie FirstStrike Phantom

Count Me In !
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how about a full auto tpx kit? that would be sick!
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^^^^Extended TPX mags to go with it?
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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
On the contrary, Dukie offering a "sniper body" for a Phantom that accepted TPX First Strike magazines would be nothing like CCM's gun.

It would be an add on, lighter weight, smaller, cheaper and rely on the user buying their own Phantom and TPX mags.
I didn't say it would be. I simply said making a full-on rifle would be too much like CCM is doing. I said I liked the idea of a Phantom FS/mag feed exactly because it WAS different enough from CCM's idea where I feel it's perfectly fair game.

Jeez CJ, read the post more carefully next time

Edit- The only thing I'm thinking is it may require a custom bolt as well, since most purpose built FS markers have a distinct taper to the bolt so that it pushes the flat in the midsection of the round instead of pushing on the fins themselves. I'd like to see it feed from the bottom too as I would imagine it would be less prone to jamming that way but you obviously couldn't retain the stock phantom pump arm arrangement that way.
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Break-action shotgun. I would buy that instantly no matter the cost!!!
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My Two votes would be:

- Break Action Over Under Shotgun
- Bolt Action... DSG I guess would be the best platform.
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Small dogs are snacks
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I really like the phantom idea with the tpx mags.
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It would be a lot easier to make a FS mag fed pump with a bore drop Nelson instead of the Phantom.

But something with dukie's new frame and a TPX mag up front would be pretty cool.
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Originally Posted by dukie View Post
i still like the idea of a first strike phantom body
make it so!
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Sten gun possibly with some kind of chain feed mag system using some kind of rack (like rack and pinion steering) On the side of the bolt to keep up with an insane fire rate?
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