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Originally Posted by cobyrne View Post
How about a harmonica gun style bolt action rifle where the indexed clip (correct term?) can slide both ways? You can then reload the clip while it's on the gun and/or carry a spare. This way there would be no feeding issues due to springs or the nose-heavy characteristics of the round itself.
Originally Posted by dukie View Post
that could be a lot of fun. load through the top like an m1 garand, but with smg type clips.

a simple approach would be a new body for a hammer 7 that was bolt action.

air in grip wouldn't be possible that way though.
I was thinking a longer bolt action breach using a longer bolt for a phantom with SMG type clips that run through the breach horizontally. The easiest would be for the shooter to move the clip manually after pulling the bolt back - similar to BretG's rotary sheridan rifle. This setup should still allow air in grip if desired.
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Stop! Let's get an over under break action paint rifle first.
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I thought about that when I first saw the hammer 7, if you could push a cover to one side with a 10 round tube and tip it straight into the mag, then move the tube so the cover goes back over and release the mag spring......

But as we're making Dukie make it why go for a straight fixed magazine? Why not curve it back towards the pistol grip and get 15 rounds in it?
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