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Yeah, the ball should be contacting the ball detents and not rolled back.
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I would aggree but apparently that's how all of them are:

Force Fed Hopper = Breach Breaks? - DAM Discussion - The DAM Operators Network

Remember that the gun has to fit first strikes as well as regulars...that may have driven some different choices in bolt position.

Mine's going back for some warranty work. If it comes back with the same roll back issue I'm going to look into possible modifications to the eye-pipe...I think it might be possible to put a roll back detent on that wouldn't interfere with the first strike rounds.
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Originally Posted by Sterling500 View Post
A bit of a gas hog. In short, a spool valve. Oh..and it shoots first strike
I was at DBS Battle of Stalingrad and met a guys with a DAM. Took pictures of my scope mount setup... was that you? Anyway, can you confirm that the DAM appeared to be a gas hog even before game day. By the afternoon, a lot of people were getting fills below 3k.
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That was me. Now I have to save up for a new hopper, a decent low magnification scope AND that HHA rail.

I'd say I was running pretty close to the efficiency I expected. HustlePaintball did a good youtube video of an efficiency test. I think they got around 800 out of a 68/4.5k.

The closest I came to an efficiency test was my one attempt to waste paint that day. I went out with a full halo b (~150?) + 3 120 round pods and a ~3k fill on my 68 cuin tank. I think I walked back off with no paint and around 1k showing on the gauge.

It's not poppet efficient, that's for sure. But to be fair to DYE I haven't messed with the dwell settings at all, and the paint was so brittle that day that I was getting barrel breaks early in the day...I switched to an obscenely loose barrel mid day and just left it there since breaks suck.
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