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superdad 06-03-2013 08:31 AM

Dye Autococker
I recently acquired some parts to a Dye ultralite 'cocker. The back-block and the bolt were very poorly "reworked" to use a thru-pin. The twist-lock system for the bolt is gone. Does anyone have a bolt and back-block from one of these that could send me some pics?

Or maybe one for sale?

RatFink 06-09-2013 09:36 AM

Since no one has chimed in here, I'll just let you know, that's the most common problem with the old Reflex and Ultra light cockers. It's really rare to find one that hasn't been butchered, or wrenched on with pliers. It's sad really, it just comes from people not understanding how the bolts function and keeping them in adjustment.

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