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Proto Matrix Rail 07 questions

I just picked one of these up locally from a guy moving out of state. Deal was too good to pass up, but I know absolutely nothing about them. I put in a new battery and all functioned fine. I aired it up, turned off the eyes, and it cycled fine. Tomorrow I will put some paint through it.

Is there anything specific I should keep an eye out for when I put paint through it?

Does this model have any known issues that I should be on the look out for?

What is a fair resale value on these? (It has seen little use and is Dust Drab in color.). It looks like they have sold in the $100-150 range recently. I have the original box and parts minus the manual. I found a copy of that online easily enough.
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They're pretty good shooters overall
Be careful if you ever need to remove the board or gripframe,the eye ribbon is easily damaged
Try not to adjust the reg too high,if you hear leaking from under the frame when adjusting the velocity back it down,the noid is made to vent excess pressure.Continued overpressurization can cause the gasket between the noid and body to deform and leak
If it won't crono high enough and its leaking adjust the dwell upward.
Depending on upgrades they sell from $85-150.Common upgrades are metal trigger,backcap,trigger guard,eye covers and metal clamping feedneck.If it has an Ultralite metal frame it will be on the high end.
There's also a Techt bolt upgrade that I personally prefer,it helps with the overpressurization issue by lowering the operating pressure
A good cheap upgrade for this year PMR is swapping out the stock detents with delrin DM spring detents
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