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The best part about Dye is the CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
When comparing Dye with SP they both make nice markers but the real difference is how they treat their customers AFTER the deal has been made.

Example 1. Dealing with DYE for the first time EVER
I bought my DM4 USED (I told them its used and got a reply "it makes no difference, its our gun, we take care of it). Played a few games with it and managed to break the membrane pad. I e-mailed Dye on sunday afternoon, got a reply withing 2-3 hours. Week later 3 membrane pads and a o-ring kit in the mail, all free of charge. Thanks once more Ash!

Example 2. Dealing with DYE part deux
Bought another of their markers, again used. It had some faults (stripped screw, loose wires, was using way too much air etc). I e-mailed the same tech I was in contact before, he promised to take care of it for me. I sent the marker in, cost me 20$ to do (finland - england). Two weeks later a knock on the door, got my marker back, fully functional. How's that for service! I sent him some chocolate with the gun cause I'm nice like that

Example 3. "The Smart Parts (TM) way"
I have owned about every marker sp has sold (still have 4 of their markers), have been their retailer and I ended up paying 50$ for parts to get my shocker working again. They made me pay for shipping on faulty parts, sent wrong sized o-rings, THATS JUST BS!!!!
To make matters worse it took them TWO MONTHS to do it. They promised I could get the parts through a finnish store free of charge, thats acceptable.
Month and a half later still no word, I e-mail them and get a reply "your parts have been shipped to you and have propably got lost in the mail". They tried to get away with it LIEING! I pointed out that they were supposed to deal with the store instead of me, then get a reply"oops we mixed you up with someone else", thats some MAJOR BS!!!!
I had to write close to twenty (20) e-mails to get things sorted and ended up paying 50$ worth of parts.

Oh and by the way the shockers eyes still wont work, but will I go through all that crap all over again? I'd rather throw the SFT shocker away (I mean literally throw it in the garbage) than have to deal with them again.

Smart Parts dont care about the customer after they've got the marker sold, all they want to do is sell more and make more money.

Lately my team signed a deal with SP, guess who left and joined a new team

What I'm saying is: A) I used to sell SP products and have been a REALLY good customer for them, still get treated like S***.
B)Never dealt with DYE before, bought a used marker made by them, they fix it for free

Anyone see the difference?

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I can understand your unsettledness and am sorry to hear of your issues. I, on the other hand, am not supported by SP in anyway and have great results with their products.

It's unfortunate that issues like this happen to ppl. I really can't comfort you in anyway. Your mind is made up and I can understand that completely. Hopfully you continue to get treated well by whatever companies you buy from.

No company is ever 100%, I've gotten the other side to with companies too. Sometimes you reflect and know you got the joker this time around. It doesn't help I know.

Thx for the intelligent post and not flaming, just posting your experiences.
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I have a similar story when it comes to comparing Dye and SP customer service. My PM5 was having a problem with the top-hat oring blowing every 2-300 shots. After talking to a tech we narrowed the problem down to a defect in the bolt. At around the same time I had bought a micro-maxflow regulator to use on my 45/45. The very first time I tried to get the tank filled it blew a disk. After replacing the disk only to have it blow again, the local store narrowed it down to a jammed piston.
Both packages were sent the same day (Monday) to their respective service departments. I called Dye on Thursday and they told me they got the gun on Wednesday, fixed it the day I called them, and would ship it out Friday. Pretty good service considering the gun had to go to California.
The micro-maxflow only had to travel down 1 state and as a result got there the next day. However I was never able to get information from the SP service department and did not see the airtank for nearly 2 months.
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I have a stainless Dye barrel on my Minicocker.
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I got a dye sticker that Tim(walker) gave to me, i think.
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