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Hobbes 04-12-2006 10:23 AM

Dye/Proto Marker picture thread!
Here's my old Proto...

and my even older Matrix...

amargio1 04-22-2006 09:14 AM

very nice markers...i am sure you know the workings of the markers ;-)

Gun4Hire 05-05-2006 11:57 PM

Reflex Cocker
One of last Dye cockers made. Soon to be Reflex Pump as soon as my parts come in. I'll post new when it's complete.

Hobbes 06-06-2006 01:51 PM

I just picked this up. I'm not sure that I'll keep it, but it's really a great shooter.

eric 07-04-2006 01:23 PM

heres mine (picture is not all that great i'll have to get my camara working agian)

kruger 09-10-2006 11:09 PM
Dye Matrix
Fully Evolved
Shock Tech DM4 WMD board

pork sword 10-17-2006 11:53 AM

this is my NYX matrix...AKA SCM2 lpr, full evolve gold bolt, tadao mushai board, converted for trauma internal eyes...great gun.

notice the fresh punisher skull..yeah I know I am gay, but that is pretty much why I bought it over a regular Gen-e trix back then...well that and eyes.

Altec 10-27-2006 12:05 PM

All stock but a bent lever arm on the switch, and a SP ASA.

grande 11-22-2006 06:13 AM
Special team colors :cool:

Both are Virtue'd

Hobbes 01-18-2007 12:52 PM

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