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Originally Posted by jhyan View Post
I got my wife all gear up with a padded jumpsuit from a thrift shop, and some gloves. She feels so protected she has no problem going out and playing. She says her worst fear was getting all tensed up from the adrenalin (she gets all jittery playing 007 or other first person shooter games). She didn't get that way playing paintball, and she is actually really good. She will get aggressive and move up, last time we played, she shot me out once, and then we shot each other out in the last game. I'm really proud of her.
Oh cram it (note sarcasm light is on). I have had to cash in my graduation present token for my wife to promise to come and play ONCE and that is with ultra protection and a promise to have her toting heavy artillery. I just hope I can find a way to use the jewelery trick (I think I will use her favorite necklace as a flag) to get her to actually come out of hiding and shoot someone thus having fun and wanting to play again. Otherwise I think I will wish I bought myself that cascading fill station and a couple HPA bottles.
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Wow, my wife WANTED to shoot the guys.. Most of them were her cousins and stuff, so she wasn't that intimidated. We play outlaw mostly, she might have had more trouble at a field where she didn't know anyone.

She used to play tackle football with us guys and her sisters did too, so thier family isn't very girly in that sense.

I guess driving a tractor when since she was 8, spreading manure, and baling hay was good for her after all, huh?

She does like the idea of getting a chain mail bra for the occasional chest shot (and for other occasions ) so I am looking at getting one for her..

Anyways, sometimes it is easier if more than one girl is playing.

Rachels older sister plays regularly, and a few other girls play with us too.

Don't be offended by my use of the word girl, since we are being boys out there anyways.

Just tel them is is way less painful than childbirth
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Originally Posted by Christian Nelson View Post
Anyways, sometimes it is easier if more than one girl is playing.
The first time we went, it was me and my wife, and my sous and his wife. We were all friends, and it was laid back. The second time it was a bunch of couples from our ward (ward=congregation in mormon speak), so there were as many girls as guys. The third time we thought it was going to be just couples, but the pickup field we play at was full of other people. At first she was worried, but once she got out there and starting tearing it up, she was fine.
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Originally Posted by paintballwannab View Post
My girl won't play because I showed her a video of the last game I played and she doesn't like the way the mask look on your head.

"They look funny", so you'd rather get hit in the eye and loose vision, "YES"

Gotta figure out something else to try lol
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She wouldn't actually play without a mask......that was just her way of making it clear she wasn't playing.

As to why I'm dating her......big boobs =] lol.
Originally Posted by Rayodder View Post
budgeting for one pay check a months isn't that hard, just remember to take care of the priorities first, shelter, food and savings,than the rest is just for hookers and blows.

I do powder coating, PM for details.
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