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LUKE 06-14-2010 02:56 AM

Recommendations on what/what not to post in the oddities section
Don't bother with:

Equipment that is simply way overpriced - that's not odd. Pretty darn commonplace, actually. Dopey sellers will never be in short supply.

Equipment that is simply mislabelled - Okay, so it's a DM5, not a DM6...big deal. That's not particularly unique or odd. It's a typo, a misspelling, or a dumb seller. Again, very commonplace.

Common markers with lots of common bolt-ons - Yes, we've all seen the same A5's and X-7's with a boatload of rail mounted accessories...or the oddly aftermarket anodized Spyders. If you think they are truly noteworthy, throw them up in one of the other Ebay finds sections.

Gray areas:

Truly old or "1 of's"....they might be better suited in the "rare and old" or "mechanical and electronic" ebay finds sections. Some real oddballs can certainly land here, just pause to think if it may be better suited elsewhere first. Some listings may be moved at a later time by moderators, if seen fit. Don't take it personally.

Really great deals - Share with everyone in a more widely read forum, such as the Dead Zone, or Member's Only forums. We all like a heads-up on a good deal, and many members don't cruise through this particular forum as often as others.

What folks seem to want the most in this section:

Truly unique paintball related novelties/memorabilia

Bizarre objects, craigslist ads, ebay listings that were intentionally written to be humorous, etc.

This forum was designed to be more of the vaudevillian act/circus side-show of the Ebay sections. Think along the lines of 'Ripley's Believe it or Not!' Let's keep it ODD!

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