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Originally Posted by hedimitrius View Post
Now to call playgirl...

wish I thought of this when I had to deal with a scammer a few years ago.
someone on decided to file chargebacks against 3-4 of us 4 months later. I think only myself and maybe one other actually got to keep their money from PayPal.

the playgirl subscription would have been perfect! in all of his PM's he kept hinting at trying to hide the paintball purchases from his wife..
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Originally Posted by Mirad View Post
That's insane. That's why now with Ebay, I take a ton of pictures prior to shipping any item. I list everything about the item and put down sold as is with no returns. The nerve of some people these days. I hope they toss his *** into the slammer and fine the hell out of him. Good to hear that this is getting resolved.
lol.. I totally feel ya..but even if you list it as "as is, with no returns" people can still file a claim and you have to take it back.. Ive had to do that like 4 or 5 times... "kids" buy stuff and then there parents find out and They need to mail it back or some other BS... theres not a lot you can do.. thats pretty much why I gave up on ebay.
I got F'd over too many times and couldnt handle it.. I only buy now on ebay..everything else goes to some sort of forum.. people here are "good people"


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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Turn him in. If all else fails subscribe him to Blueboy
and randomly mail him packages of dog crap with no return address.
Playgirl is too tame.
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Hey, he is selling a Honda Civic now with his phone number. I think it is time for some pranking Honda : Civic | eBay
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bmx bike $400 | SpreadMyAd

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Gas Scooter Sunl Grizzly $350 | SpreadMyAd

This guy seams like a winner..........yeah
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I still can't believe he paid shipping for the note and rocks...

Def. not the brightest crayon in the box.
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You have his name and address and e-mail.

Everytime you see one of those "win this car" booths at a fair or event, sign him up. His junk e-mail wil go through the roof. Same with places in the mall, baskin robbins, US Army, etc.

Every time you get one of those pop up ads asking if you want to subscribe to something, sign him up. His e-mail will skyrocket.

Poke around the net, sign him up for...everything

I once ordered aome "wrapping" for my wife from Adam and Eve, I got porno junk mail for over 12 years.

You could have fun with this for years.

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Did anyone post up his phone number yet? lol

Ask him about his POS Honda civic and if he would like to trade it for a real nice box of rock and a post it.

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Originally Posted by hmcl281 View Post
why does he still have a 100 percent positive feedback? this is some crappy fb system they have now.
Because on ebay a buyer CANNOT be left anything except positive feedback. Your choices for feedback as a seller is leave positive feedback or don't leave feedback at all. As a seller, I no longer leave feedback upon payment. I wait for feedback from the buyer and I state that in all my auctions.
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That mailing label is through eBay. eBay paid for the stuff to be sent back. I only know cause I had an issue with something and in order to get the money they had to have the cofirmation that the package arrived back to the seller. Obviously the package arrived with the eBay shipping label, but not the stuff the label was inteded for. So the buyer never came out anything for shipping, unless he didn't have a box.
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