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Originally Posted by Wabaanimkii View Post
Why are you guys giving this poor soul a hard time? It does afterall say "PERFECT" on the front handle.

250$ for a perfect marker seems like a steal to me.
When I read the first post that's exactly what I thought LOL
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kevins drop test on the quantum proves its the best loader ever !!!

Viewloader Quantum Loader - YouTube

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So this ad is still up on CL. What's it been, 3 weeks now? And the price is still the same. I couldn't take it anymore, so I finally broke down and sent the seller this message:


I'm a long time paintball player living in the Columbia area, and have been watching your ad for paintball equipment for at least 3 weeks now. The marker you are selling is a Spyder made by a company called Kingman. I'm not sure exactly what model it is or when it was made, because Kingman has been making Spyders that look very much alike since 1994. Since many of them looked so much alike with very few changes between models, my best guess would be that what you have is a Spyder Compact, with an aftermarket expansion chamber by Perfect (or a Perfect model expansion chamber by someone else... there have been so many little paintball accessory companies over the years, I know I haven't heard of them all).

Now for the bad news - the reason this group of items hasn't sold is that it's not worth $250. You can find Spyder Compacts in this condition selling for $30 to $50. The VL Quantum, brand new, sold for $30, and it's been out of production for a while now as better hoppers are available out there. Used, I would price it at $5 to $10. The 20oz tank, if it's still in hydro, is only worth $15 brand new, and if it's out of hydro, your best bet is to take it to Lowe's on Conley and trade it in for store credit (just like the Blue Rhino propane tank trade in - you bring in an empty, they give you store credit to get a new, full tank, but you don't have to spend it on another CO2 tank). The paintballs have probably been sitting for a while and are dimpled and no good. The belt pouch and pod is worth $15, new, so I'd price them at $5 total. So, used price for all of this is $40 to $65, max. $250 is just not even in the ballpark of what this stuff is worth anymore.

Please understand, I'm not trying to talk you down to a low price so I can buy it up, I have far too much paintball gear myself and am working to sell quite a bit of it off. I have no interest in what you're selling, but hated to see it continually be advertised at a price that it would never sell for. I encourage you to do your own research. PbNation (PbNation | Paintball's Home Page) is a very popular paintball chat board that has extensive For Sale areas that you can compare prices on. M Carter Brown (MCB Paintball Forums - Dedicated to old/rare guns and those that just love the game) is another popular chat board, and also home to the Vintage Rex ( | - The Official Online Paintball Museum) paintball museum and Paintball Blue Book (MCB Paintball - Paintball's Official Blue Book) that can be used to track prices on equipment. Paintball Review (Paintball Reviews of Guns, Equipment, Games & More | is just what it says, a site full of reviews of paintball equipment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.


I doubt they'll read it, or if they do, follow my suggestions, and I'll probably get a nasty email telling me how big of an idiot I am, but at least I tried.

Oh, and there's a Piranha also on sale on the Columbia, MO CL for $225 that's about as ridiculously overpriced as this one is - Piranah paintball gun and access.for sale
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Originally Posted by usagi_tetsu View Post
So this ad is still up on CL. What's it been, 3 weeks now? And the price is still the same. I couldn't take it anymore, so I finally broke down and sent the seller this message:[/url]
WOW! you should go through my kijiji! I tried doing pretty much the same thing with this guy ( Tactical paintball set - Saskatchewan Sports Goods For Sale - Kijiji Saskatchewan Canada. ) and basically got told to go **** myself. that was when he was asking $1100 over a year ago.

Then theres this: 2 set package- vintage and competition - Saskatchewan Sports Goods For Sale - Kijiji Saskatchewan Canada.

And this: vl paintball marker - Regina Sports Goods For Sale - Kijiji Regina Canada.

And theres more where that came from...
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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
I want to run a hose to my buttocks and run my marker off methane.
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Originally Posted by Waylost View Post
You got that wrong it's: Less Paint, More Balls
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