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The restriction are all on the USPS website I think this is the bit that is relevant.

10.12.2 Mailability

Gases are prohibited in international mail. Toxic gases in Division 2.3 are prohibited in domestic mail. Flammable gases in Division 2.1 are prohibited in domestic mail via air transportation, but are permitted via surface transportation if the material can qualify as an ORM-D material and meet the standards in 10.12.3 and 10.12.4. Nonflammable gases in Division 2.2 are generally permitted in the domestic mail via air or surface transportation if the material can qualify as an ORM-D material and meet the standards in 10.12.3 and 10.12.4.
10.12.3 Container

An other-than-metal primary receptacle containing a mailable gas may be acceptable if the water capacity of the primary receptacle is 4 fluid ounces (7.22 cubic inches) or less per mailpiece and the primary receptacle meets 49 CFR requirements. Mailable nonflammable and flammable compressed gases are acceptable in metal primary receptacles that have a water capacity up to 33.8 fluid ounces (1 liter or 61.0 cubic inches), depending on their internal pressure. A DOT 2P container must be used as the primary receptacle if the internal pressure is from 140 to 160 psi at 130°F (55°C). A DOT 2Q container must be used as the primary receptacle if the pressure is from 161 to 180 psi at 130°F (55°C). A container with an internal pressure over 180 psi at 130°F (55°C) is prohibited from mailing. Mailable flammable compressed gases are restricted to 33.8 fluid ounces (1 liter) per mailpiece. Mailable nonflammable compressed gases are permitted in individual 33.8 fluid ounce (1 liter) containers that must be securely packed within an outer shipping container. Each mailpiece must not exceed a total weight of 25 pounds.
10.12.4 Marking

For surface transportation, packages of mailable gases must be clearly marked on the address side with “Surface Only” or “Surface Mail Only” and “ORM-D” immediately following or below the proper shipping name (consumer commodity). For air transportation, packages must be plainly and durably marked on the address side with “ORM-D AIR” immediately following or below the proper shipping name and must also bear a shipper's declaration for dangerous goods.
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Originally Posted by Lostpunkdc View Post
Its not Illegal .... If handled Improperly, Yes it can Be Dangerous ...

Give the Guy a break .. Really, Reporting him ...?
Wtf is that ... Stop being a Dick ... You sound like your 12...
Your acting like he was reported for personal reasons. I dont know the exact laws in the us, or if they vary for canada, but either way its risky. wrongbloke reported him because he thought it was the right thing to do, and I agree with him. and honestly, you sound more 12 then he does.
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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
I want to run a hose to my buttocks and run my marker off methane.
I see a walrus. He has a toothpick. Hes picking his tooth and eating a Popsicle.
Originally Posted by Waylost View Post
You got that wrong it's: Less Paint, More Balls
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I think that this shows that there is a different level of what we each find safe when it comes to filled tanks. The issue is if the US law states that this isn't safe then that is what the law is.

The one time use containers for pumps are not in the same level of a safety concern, they contain much small amounts and if they did go off (even though I assume to be able to be sold and transported that they have long met these requirements) the damage which could be done is much smaller than with a larger sized tank.

I know that propane has to be transported standing up and fully secured.

Saying that it is okay to ship tanks full is the same type of thinking as saying that there is no need to re-hyrdo your tanks once they are out of date.

I have seen the results of tanks that have blown up, extensive burns to people/clothes and if it is done while some random person is handling or moving a box there could be a huge amount of public outcry against the sport of paintball.

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