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As far as replicas of guns go, the field owner in the town I used to live in stripped an ak and a m4 and added the stocks, grips EVERYTHING onto a couple of a5's. It was amazing....
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Nothing vintage about this turd.

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Nope, not evemn remotely vintage I picked one up new about a year ago off e-bay new for ~$50 ... they aren't great but make nice tinker fodder for anyone looking to have an AK replica (like me). Mine was labled C.A. marker though.
It uses a lot of real steel bits on an aluminum body and lets just say the machining is ... well ... 2yr old with a hand file-esq ... but it works as it should and make paintballs fly downrange well enough, just needs some basic home modding to make it work reliably. $30 shipped is more than I'd pay for that one though.
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Further, now that I've found the MCB BST ... I've recently sold my house and moved under the bridge down the road ... but I've got lots of markers.
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As some one else said, it looks like a Tacamo Type 68 or spyder clone. It is in horrible shape, looks like some lost in the field and this person found it months or years later. That's not patina that is plain and simple rust and corrosion. It needs a lot of work. In the pictures, it even goes down the barrel. God only knows what he internal look like. It is obviously missing parts(definitely the mag assembly). Then he wants $19 for shipping. Unless he gives it to you, not worth the effort.

I have restored several paintball and real steal guns. I can tell you right now, the rust and corrosion is so deep into the steal of the gun, no matter how much you sand, oil, chemically treat, and refinish it, in 6 months to a year it will be back.

For who ever buys it...
The only thing that might stop the rust, is this stuff they call "Naval Jelly". This is a chemical that is supposed to change rust on a molecular level and harden it. depending on how bad the rust is, takes more than one application. You should be able to buy it an any hardware or automotive store. Be aware, it is on the expensive side, but I have used it(on cars any way), and it does work.

Who ever buys this marker, I wish you good luck with it...
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He has a semi-custom sniper made from a tracer in his other sales section that does look too bad.
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