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i am going to try and buy this if he is willing to separate that killing machine from the walmart camo
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Wow haha how could you even move without hitting anything with that barrel? It would
Make for some awesome barrel tagging thouh
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Terminus Est
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im going to add a THIRD line to my automag.

Then they'll pay, THEY"LL ALL PAY.....
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Praise the sun!
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Talk about CUSTOM!!
Originally Posted by DPrekel View Post
Due to the high volume of requests, SPACH has been banned.

Have a nice day!
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I'm digging the HALO Master Chief outfit!

Plus the dual macro lines can double as a built in gun cradle for when you have to set the gun down due to the weight of the barrel.
Probably gets as many headshots as a Barrett 50 cal.
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Old 12-14-2012, 08:55 AM   #16 (permalink)
Dune reference here
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"Dye detachable 2 piece Barrel for recon n assault missions".

I'm pretty sure its a crime to advise the buyer to stalk and assault people.

Also don't troll him or prank him. It's not very nice and does not rep MCB very well.

That's why I gave his# to a website based in Iraq.
Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
God damn them all, I was told we'd cruise the boards for paintgun gold
We'd fire no junk, shed no tears
Now I have a broken eliminator on Halifax pier, the last of USI's privateers
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.67cal Buwwets!
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Originally Posted by Duybuin View Post
Wow haha how could you even move without hitting anything with that barrel? It would
Make for some awesome barrel tagging thouh
You dont move with a barrel like that you just sit in one place and rain headshots on your opponents from hundreds of feet away due to the increased range of a long barrel. Everyone knows that, sheesh! Haha.

Well, it is custom. It has 1 of 1 paint so he is really underselling it.

Wtf is an OPR???

Macro line doubling as a bi pod, that must be worth something, plus, who doesnt like more power?
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Bacon? Oh God yes!
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I need that barrel. Someone please tell me how to get my hands on a 3/4ips to autococker adapter.
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Holy sh*t a 2.5 foot barrel? Youve got to be sh*ting me
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Ebay, camocow200
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comes with 8 free admission tickets to Hollywood sports an one free admission to sc village, so everyone can point and make fun of you!

WTF,why would i trade for that?

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"Mar" bro: welcome to the forum, super nice marker - hopeful for your sale.
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