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Amazing Evolution X....for $5k

Found this on eBay. It's so nice, but it's an insane price.

Belsales Evolution x Autococker Banzai Splash | eBay
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i've seen the belsales evo x go for like 1200 but 4800 seems excessive.
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Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
Some people are penny wise, and dollar foolish.
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HAHA he has to be joking with that price... dont get me wrong its real nice but not any thing close to 4,800 + shipping nice!!
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He is having a laugh. He is on here and Custom Cockers. The offers on there at the moment are mostly joke ones $3.62. But if he gets a serious offer...
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THAT WAS MY IDEA!!! He asked for an appraisal and I said 4k! Lol
Yeah hes just screwing around.
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skinnyfatguy is having a laugh with his listing
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So if I offer $3000 that would be a good enough offer you think?
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....bro, you just gave me a quarter chub.
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This guy has the best toys in denver. I want to go stare at his collection and drool.
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It doesn't even come with an ASA!
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Originally Posted by Gas mask View Post
It doesn't even come with an ASA!
Um, yeah it does, it comes with a matching splashed gen 1 Max Flo. Look at the second pic
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