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WTF $180 Bounce Hat???
Okay this really is out there.

El Super Beasto 01-11-2013 12:04 PM

Lol. Or you can go to your local pro-shop and dig through the clearance bin. Or box.

aka Mich 01-11-2013 12:17 PM

0 bids... shocking

danssoslow 01-11-2013 12:51 PM

And it's used.

JLuke 01-11-2013 01:27 PM

Don't forget putting the word rare in all caps makes it more expensive.

jc_10 01-11-2013 02:28 PM

I noticed it's located in Colorado. That dude must be high as FUHH.

diesel10 01-12-2013 12:03 AM

I have seen one of the new ones from hundredth monkey and they are not as nice as the old ones but this price is re-dick-u-los. I saw it as I been looking for one for my kid.

BigOldSkool 01-12-2013 10:56 AM

This sells near that I'm listing mine... it is like the dumbest paintball product ever. 01-12-2013 04:35 PM

I think they are great for photographers and refs on the field. I actually wear an Empire one as a regular hat as I tend to always hit my head.

If this sells I will have lost all hope in paintball in general, seriously tournament BS is one thing but Hat "swag" is just way to terrible to think of.

DefTone 02-04-2013 09:12 AM

Oh to be AGG again...If it had a HK logo on it the price would be a grand.

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