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Kumquats off my neighbor's tree fit very nicely breechloaded in a pb gun, and when you shoot the other neighbor's barkin-*** dog with them they leave no painty evidence.
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Man, I did all of this crap /and/ played video games.

But our video games were 8 bit. And we only had two buttons on our controllers. But that's all we had, and we liked it!
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Originally Posted by Dave-D View Post
Holy crap! No joking here, this is serious, and I'm sorry to hear this but....BOTH of his eyes?! How did that happen??!!
not sure how the story goes but he lost 1 eye shootin bb guns at each other. i said y werent u just playin paintball instead??
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Used to play all the time as a young kid. We had a one pump rule, no co2 powerlet guns, no Daisy 880's. I used a Red Ryder. The spring action and lever cocking were much faster than the cock and pump guns. It was stupid as hell and tremendously unsafe, but that was before the time of paintball....

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Originally Posted by Sgt Hollywood View Post
BB wars yup, staple gun wars, breaks your knuckle with curtain/closet rod sword fights, Shotgun primer slingshot rounds and Rambo inspired explosive arrows. Ninja claw stone chimney climbing..Or just the old ROCK FIGHT! Ahhhh Cape Cod in the off season....
Dude you did that stuff too? Me, my brother, and both are friends would take apart 20 guage shotguns, make firecrackers out of the powder and shoot the primers with with slingshots at bullfrogs. We'd also take apart model rocket engines and use the flash powder for home made golf ball cannons. It was like the civil war with breach loaded flash power and golf balls contained in galvanized steel tubing using BBQ ignitions to spark off the flash powder. To this day I am amazed none of us where killed.
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Lol, yup....stand in a circle holding hands, set a long burn D size rocket engine in the middle. Light 'er up and see who had the brass to stay standing there.

We were so dumb.
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