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10/9/2009 -- BlackBox Mag on eBay

68 Automag Package - eBay (item 320433211982 end time Oct-14-09 17:22:30 PDT)

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75 bucks ....seems fair
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You were able to send your Mag to Smart Parts for them to add this gizmo, or you could buy a Mag from them with this thing already installed. Never quite understood it.
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Comes with 2 hp tanks n a loader too, removing the magic box n plugging it (assuming it was 1/8 npt threading) n you have a mag setup for really cheap

and if anyone asks: oh, that plug covers some ultra high tech machinery, allows for easy access :P

also the body will have a cut in it to accomodate the magic box, but you can do a similar cut on the other side n you have a custom steel body
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Having the extra reg and hpa kind of defeats the discovered use for the cheater box. I mean "magic box"
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