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Marker isnt cycling

Air it up one day and it shoots as expected. Air it up a couple of days later and the marker wont cyle. All it does is pufft a slight amount of air from the noid area but not the slightest rammer movement. To be fair it aired up, pufft, pufft, shot, pufft, pufft and has been puffing since. Do I need to stick a fork in it and buy another noid?

- battery was new
- the only settings i had changed was rof
- took down the qev block
- marker was lubed day before its outing when it shot fine. I went the hold day on one hopper lol.

Ive heard solenoids either work or they dont, I am wondering if this puffting constitutes not working.
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I wonder if the LPR is needing to be looked at.

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Try a different battery.
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Ive addressed both areas, and no dice.
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Factory reset the board, rebuild and reset the hp and lp reg, put in a fresh name brand battery, clean the rammer, make sure you tank is full and the tank reg is working properly. Also if it's an ego11, reset the adjustable noid exhaust to factory. If all of this fails then contact eclipse or delve into the noid at your own risk with the manual as a guide. Issues with the noid could be bad wiring, a dirty noid, a dirty filter, or just a dead noid. But check everything else first.
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what type of marker and setup do you have? is the air leaking or puffing out? What do you mean by 'took down the qev block'? I would seem to agree that the issue sounds like the hpr/lpr before it's the noid - unless the noid is blown. are you able to check the pressure of your inline reg - if so, what is it at?
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if he is talking about a qev he probably has a pre 08 ego or a etek with star frame

first i would make sure the lpr screw is flush with the lpr body,look along the hose from the qevs and noid for any cuts that would make the noid lose aire then i would suggest next taking out the noid and lube up the gasket
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Stock 08 ego. Every part has been looked at save the valve body and feedneck. I attempted to take the noid down but had no suitable tools.
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I would suggest the following steps...
- Try a new Energy, Duracell or Energizer battery. The gun needs a good amount of power to run the marker properly. A lessor brand of battery may read fully charged but doesn't have the upkeep to sustain the power needed to run the gun. This is the #1 cause of all issues in an EGO.
- Replace the #11 rammer oring. Even if it looks good. It will be the largest black oring towards the rear of the rammer.
- Set your dwell to 13.5 and LPR to stock flush.
- Check that the solenoid is plugged into the board.
- Check the LPR. Make sure both springs are present. There should be 5 pieces within the LPR. Starting from front: Adjuster screw, Adjuster piston, gold spring, Regulator piston and second gold spring. Both springs are the same.
- QEV Diaphragm issue. Inside the QEV block, between the blue body and silver end caps, are rubber diaphragms. These cone shapped parts should be one piece. Make sure it is not ripped or cut (page 64/65 of the manual). - Search
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