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For $25 each I'd take 2
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Further, now that I've found the MCB BST ... I've recently sold my house and moved under the bridge down the road ... but I've got lots of markers.
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I'll take 1!


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Damn for that price I will take one or two as well if they are working.
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I'd sell them for what they are listed for plus shipping both ways. He says he has 50/75 of them
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I'd be interested in at least 2 for myself, possibly more.

ZIP: 12962

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I convinced myself to go see what was offered the 1st time he put stuff up in lots like this so here's a little bit of info that may/may not be useful.

-He doesn't know a whole lot about paintball. Seems like he sells tickets/sets up private parties for the park.
-The markers are retired rentals. beat up to crap. I know these vibes were available a few months. think they were trying to get rid of the mechs 1st.
-Sold AsIs in working order but their version of working is sketchy. Ie, the mechs I saw had broken/missing parts and screws. Easy to see I'd be getting some that don't work or don't work right.
- Barrels looked like they did get washed out. shroud, bolt and crevices had years of gunk. Don't know how this would roll over to the vibes since its pretty hard for en electro to work with a broken/missing something.
-No on the haggling down as they were rock bottom prices for "great working guns" already. was looking at getting 50 or 60
-kept restating they sold asis.
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i'd like two

ZIP: 76544

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Put me down for one. Zip is 60561
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barrels are like women - everyone likes them for their subtle differences and personal preferences. ALthough at this price, they cost substantially less than women.

(caution: barrels are not like women, do NOT insert your p3nis into a barrel)

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Fan of EMR
I would like 2 also
zip is 13835
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put me down for 2

Zip is 38506
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