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kill-n-spree 02-13-2013 12:44 AM

When is the last time you seen one of these?
War Machine Assault 80.
War Machine Assault 80 RARE Paintball Marker | eBay

Odyssey RPM
Odyssey RPM Paintball Marker Electronic Fasor | eBay

Ya they are mine. Letting go of half of my collection. Looking to get a new paint job on my old VW Bus. I plan on putting 20 more guns up for sale in the next few weeks. My signature was getting too long. Haha

alpha434 02-13-2013 01:25 AM

What threads is the assault 80? Is it the articulated barrel version? Or the bolt version?

Mr.Rush 02-13-2013 02:56 AM

The assault 80 is the bolt/threaded version so its either cocker or spyder threaded depending on how he felt when making it. I have one with the reciprocating barrel sitting in a box. I've played with it a few time and it sounds amazing but its got some issues with the dump valve getting stuck open. If you need new parts you may be able get them from if you manage to get a hold of the owner.

kill-n-spree 02-13-2013 09:43 AM

The assault worked well enough to play with the last time I used it maybe 3-4 years ago. The hiss out the front noid was really small. Mine takes the stationary cocker threaded barrels. The problem with owning 50 plus guns is, there are going to be a lot of them that don't get the love like some of the others.

HP_Lovecraft 02-13-2013 10:16 AM

I like the:

The gun worked great years ago. I do not have the time or means to check the gun out
90% of the time this means the seller knows about some serious problems, and is looking to dump the guns off on someone else. lol.. still would make for some great wall hangers if they go cheap enough

kill-n-spree 02-13-2013 10:44 AM

Ya, I disclosed all the problems up front and also listed it as Not working/parts even though, chances are it would work well enough to be used as it sits.

woouulf 02-13-2013 11:07 AM

Ill be watching this..

SEFishy 02-15-2013 07:16 PM

I have probley ten of those rpms laying around. Picked them up when they was blown out at $50 a pop about the same time the superbolts and lightnings went for the same NIB.

Jebus 02-15-2013 08:44 PM

Always wanted a WM!

dblk22vball 02-15-2013 09:57 PM

shoot, something else to buy.....

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