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Angel package here, cocker's wanted!

Hey guys,

I'm looking to trade my '99 Alien Abduction LED Angel SN: 5010 for a nice mechanical cocker. I put a WAS Board in it because rechargeable battery crapped out on me and was too expensive to get a new one. I had to mill the frame with a dremel, but I couldn't get enough room for the 9volt to fit in it. It doesn't affect performance in any way, it's just cosmetic. If you wanted to you could probably mill it some more but I was happy that I finally was able to shoot it again and left it the way it is. There is a couple scratches where the dremel ran off on the trigger frame. The board isn't held in place with a screw, as I could not drill a hole for it at the time, but it will not move around inside the trigger frame. The marker doesn't have eyes but is eye capable with the new board. It shoots perfectly fine, and since I've had it I've never had any problems with it. I also installed a 25-gram microswitch, so it has a really light pull.

In this package will get:
Empire Reloader B w/ Speedfeed (Good condition, feedneck was shaved by previous owner)
2 Brand New Dye Ultralites .694 and .686 (These have never been shot through, never had a tip to use for them)
6-Piece J&J Edge set 8, 12, and 16 inch tips I believe.

You are getting a nice Angel package, so in return I am asking for a nice autococker package. I am not looking for the common, standard WGP bodied autococker, except for Outkasts, Nightkasts, and Orracles, as you are getting a fairly rare Angel (I believe only 10 were made of each color, but no one exactly knows, I have called WDP twice about this and one time they said 5 were made of each color, the next time I called they said 10). As for price I will say $400 just because I have to put one, I'm really looking for trades. I might look at other markers besides cockers, but you will most likely be rejected as I've had my eye set on cockers since I've gotten rid of mine last year and miss it.

The reason I'm getting rid of it is because the closest field around here is a good 50 miles away. We setup 2 fields in the woods (1 Woodsball, 1 Speedball) and usually have a bunch of people playing it on the weekends. None of them shoot high end electros (closest is a Spyder), so I really don't need one either, and most are intimidated by it. Not to mention I can't get HPA unless I drive 50 miles, so it really isn't worth keeping. I would get much more use out of a nice mechanical marker.

Also, you came here, you will most likely be shipping first, unless you have an incredible amount of feedback (even then I will only ship same time), or are a mod.

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its green... and its an angel.... argh
no cash and nothing you'd want for a trade
darn your eyes ...

good luck on the sale
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Well what do you have? I may be interested in a few days if no bites...
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PM incoming... everybody duck ...
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