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DoThe2 05-31-2011 12:49 PM

WGP E2 Orracle Autococker - Fully Up'd ($220 shipped)
Trying to selling my gun. I played with it once last year...

Here's a short video of it:
YouTube - ‪WGP E2 Orracle‬‏
And some old pictures (Freak Kit sold a while ago):
Paintball pictures by DoThe2 - Photobucket

**These are the details from the original owner:**

E2- software version: 0.17
14’’ Freak Barrel w/ .687 insert
Worr Blade Derlin Bolt
Free Flow Ram w/ QEV’s
Eclipse Nexus Dart LPR
Free Flow Internal Valve
WGP Black Magic Regulator
Slik back block
Custom metal eye cover
Shocktech Feedneck
Stronger actuating rod
Straight chrome asa

This Orry is completely upgraded and will shoot as fast as your fingers can pull the trigger. I haven’t used this gun in almost 2 years, so I am selling it because I need the money. I will hate to see it go. Dry fired it today and everything cycles fine.

**Here's what I've done:**

However, since I've owned it I've done a few things:

- Added a 90 deg and PSI gauge to the bottom of the front block. Looks great.
- Had the Black Magic reg rebuilt/cleaned by DieHard Paintball in Norhtern KY.
- Replaced the macroline fittings and macroline itself. Had some ghetto stuff on it before.
- New ball detent.

Other than that, just slayed with it. No problems with the gun at all. Shoots great, 15BPS with it. I'm sure it could shoot faster, but that's the maximum my fingers can move. Always cleaned and lubed after playing.

**New/Current Price:**

$220 shipped/Paypal'd. This gun is fully Upgraded, ready to rock. Nothing has changed.

- Nick

And regarding feedback. I'm on PBnation, same username if you want to check me out. And I'm confirmed on PayPal.

DPrekel 05-31-2011 01:19 PM

Please read the rules - no links to other sites (except image sites though) Please fix.

DoThe2 05-31-2011 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by DPrekel (Post 1855164)
Please read the rules - no links to other sites (except image sites though) Please fix.

Sorry, fixed. Is the YouTube video okay?

- Nick

sale2me 06-01-2011 12:44 AM

pm sent

sale2me 06-01-2011 12:19 PM

money sent, thanks

blackmagic71 06-01-2011 02:26 PM

That was a killer deal. Thought about picking it up myself but I didnt want to cut things that close with all the upcoming events.

DoThe2 06-02-2011 10:04 PM

Thanks, it was a good deal. I didn't want to deal with all the emails/texts/lowballs so I listed it pretty cheap.

Sold to sale2me for $210 shipped.

- Nick

JonnyDread 06-04-2011 10:53 AM

Wow good price

Orryman 06-08-2011 04:49 AM

lol sale2me pretty much steal this from you! :) good buy!

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