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Dye Matrix LCD (DM3 LCD) For Sale/Trade

One of my team mates bought it from me

First off my rules...
  • I do not ship first!
  • Don't lowball me unless you really want to give me a free up.
  • If you don't like my price, or my thread Get out.
  • I prefer paypal if you are purchasing. If we trade I require insurance and tracking numbers on both sides of shipping as well as I expect items to be shipped either USPS Priority, you sending me "your" marker and me sending you "my" marker
  • Be mature and respectful
  • if you want to buy or trade for my stuff have either $$ or the item you want to trade in hand before making me an offer.
  • Post here and PM me. That way I have a flag saying "hey someone is interested" in my PM's and I have a more permanent record of it here.
  • Free ups will be returned

Alrighty Campers!!! Up for sale/Trade today we have ourselves a nice silver with black parts Dye Matrix (DM3) w/ Eyes. This gun shoots magnificently. I'm a stickler for maintenance on all of my markers so I have recently rebuilt the LPR and cleaned and checked the HPR. Freshly cleaned and lubed. I tore this gun down to the smallest parts and cleaned everything! Afterwards I reset both the LPR and the HPR. I have never seen an original Matrix shoot so incredibly!

There are some very very light scratches in the anno, barely noticeable unless in the right light. I have taken great care of this marker as I do all of my markers. I absolutely love the trigger on this DM3!!! Its set to a hair pull and is super easy to achieve insane rates of fire!!! I wouldn't let this gun go normally because I absolutely love how it shoots, but I've been told if I want to add something new to my collection I have to get rid of some of my markers I currently have, before I can add something new.

What you get:

Dye Matrix (DM3) LCD W/ Eyes (no barrel, tank or hopper included. A hopper and tank can be included for extra.)

  • New Designs twist on style feed neck
  • Hyper II Regulator that is pictured is no longer on the gun. I've had to replace it with a CP reg. (picture is out of date as my digital camera is broken)
  • Has Eyes/Vision. eyes are in working order!!! This thing shoots incredible without the eyes. I keep them off when I use it since my Empire B2 can keep up, but if you have a slower hopper using the eyes will improve the consistency. I've NEVER broken a ball in this marker.
  • CP Razor Drop forward
  • CP ASA (macro line and fittings installed)

just like all other matrices this uses cocker threaded barrels.

I am mainly looking to trade at this point so my sale price may be a bit higher than normal, but I will still entertain offers, but do not lowball me. Down to the rest of the business

Now onto the picture

Asking Price: If you want to buy it outright I am going to ask $300
Trade value is going to be around $300-$350 (depending on what you are offering, and how much I like it.)
I am really more looking to trade on this so offer trades + $ or $$ alone. Lets see what you got!

Trades Accepted: but should be in my favor
  • Autocockers (Black Magics, Custom Cockers, orracles, AIM Crow bodied Ecockers E1's prefered on all cockers)
  • Timmys (you add $$ for classics, 2k2's you add)
  • Highly Upgraded Ions (You add)
  • Shocker
  • PM5/6 (priority)
  • Smart Parts Epiphany or Ion (ions add lots)
  • Pump cocker + $$ or kick *** phantom + tons of $
  • Eclipse Eblade E1 + $$ (priority)
  • Eclipse Eblade E2 + $$ (priority)
  • Nintendo Wii (priority)
  • might also consider a kickass PSP package
  • Xbox 360 (priority)

payment can be handled via paypal or MO but I prefer paypal, just makes life easier. If you want to pay by paypal you cover the fees. Buyer pays shipping, including tracking # and insurance (I ship via priority mail, and buyer will pay exact shipping costs unless otherwise negotiated).

Notes: I do not currently have a working digital camera (it actually went boom a few days ago. If I get serious offers I will get more pics but will need at least more than just, can I get more pics. that pic shows what you get (aside from the Hyper II reg), and the gun is in mint I can get more if a deal is worked out, but at this time its a hassle. Sorry I'm quiet busy and don't have time for low ballers and "tire kickers".

Thanks for following the rules (to those that do )
(added a pic today as a friend had one on their computer)

I can also include a Chaos board and Orange bolt for an additional cost or really killer deals

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AS a note, the best way to reach me is on PBNation or posting here then PMing me. I have the same thread up on PBNation and my name is the same. PM me here or there post in either thread I don't care .
Offers I have had already:
Impulses - turned down unless adding lots of $$
PM6 - currently pending for a PM6, but I am still considering offers
Have been offered several very upgraded ions, but none that I like and any ion needs to add $$
Remote control cars high end gas - cool toys, but not really what I'm looking for so this would be another item that people would need to add $$ for
Evil Omens - not really interested in these either so lots of cash is a must
Diablo Slayer - not really interested either so lots of cash is must
promasters - not interested at all unless there is $400 of cash accompanying it

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You cannot charge Paypal fees,it is against the forum rules and Paypal policy.
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Looking to buy or trade for a GZ 1000,PM me if you have one

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trade for tribal?

I have a tribal twister, 2.2 board, and double triggers. I could add a little cash for it. Let me know.
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Hmm...seriously considering trading up my Wii, but I know I will kick myself later if I do it...
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Sorry guys no longer for sale.
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