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One ugly arse 2k3 Angel LCD - A gun only a mother could love


This 2k3 Angel LCD has seen better days. Someone must have either decided to toss it in the grizzly bear pen at the zoo, or used it as an inefficient hammer. The body is chock full of scratches. The breech is has good amount of wear, there is a small dent in the rotobreech where the bolt pin slides. I'm not sure how it ever got there but it doesn't seem like it would cause any issues. Even more bizarre is that someone seems to have drilled a hole in the ASA for a gauge, and then decided that they wanted to the gauge to sit flush and shaved out a portion of the ASA. I would probably just replace that.

The breech rod is missing, but otherwise all the parts are there. The internals and o-rings dont look bad. The board looks good and so does the LCD screen. I'm pretty much positive that the battery is dead. The battery will be included along with the original charger but I can't promise either will work. Also on the plus side none of the threading looks damaged. The feedneck seems to be holding in just fine. In all honesty this gun should be just fine with some TLC. The gun has also been totally cleaned on the inside and relubed.

I'm looking for $80 for the gun/battery/charger. No barrel is included. I will entertain trades for whatever, just try me.

Side 1...

Dear lord why...

Little dent in the rotobreech...

Side 2, not much prettier...

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PM Sent
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Dear lord, that is a shame. I hope the person responsible for defacing such a nice looking marker gets what he deserves.

good luck with your sale!
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