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Big Papa Pink 10-18-2012 03:10 PM

MTac, TM-15s and TM-7 FST
Hello Everyone,

Never thought I would do this, but I’m making a change in my marker direction. I’m moving more toward Darkside and Magfed markers, so I would like to offer an opportunity to my fellow ballers to pick up some nice and well maintained markers. I will be keeping a few markers. If you have seen a Milsim Marker I have posted in other threads and you would like to talk about owing it, send me a PM and we'll talk.

All Normal Rules Apply
Prices are OBO and include shipping to the lower 48
PayPal Only
Trades: Darkside Markers in muted colors (love PE and MacDev) and Magfed items.

Terrapat Limited Edition TM-7 SN TM7-T00666:
A TM-7 Terrapat Limited Edition TM-7. For the most part it is a stock TM-7 with Virtue grips and a Flasc 5 inch barrel, Deluxe Apex2 Adapter and an Apex2 Tip. She runs real well and has seen the field twice; She is spotless inside and out.
It will come with the following:
Virtue Grips
Flasc 5 inch .690 bore barrel
Flasc Deluxe Apex Adapter
Apex2 Tip
Small parts kit
Stock internals and board
TechT TM MRT Bolt.
Asking: SOLD

Terrapat Limited Edition TM-15:
Next up is my baby. A TM-15 Terrapat Limited Edition … these are getting fairly hard to find and people in their right mind are not selling them. This marker is in like new condition. It was recently sent to KEE to repair a small air leak at the base of the main body where the air transfer tube attaches. Not only did they fix the leak, they went through the entire marker and the internals look mint. Exterior is 9.9, internals are 10.
It will come with the following:
MagPul Commercial (real steel) CTR stock in OD
MagPul AFG in OD
MagPul Mbus2 Front and Rear Sights in OD
MagPul MOE Trigger Guard in OD
MagPul Ladder Rail Protectors
Your Choice of Custom Shorten Side Rails or the Originals
Stock TM-15 barrel
Stock Internals and board
Small Parts Kit
BT Barrel Sock
Asking: SOLD

Bob Long M-Tac:
Now this marker I acquired in a trade and it is time to send it on it’s way. It was sent to me with the warning that there was a leak in the marker. I was planning on taking it to a Bob Long tech in Denver, but when I aired it up, I could not hear a leak, and it functioned without issue … Now, I am not going to sell her as a fully functioning marker as I can not guarantee it will not leak for the next owner. My experience has been good, and she shot well last weekend. Let me be clear, I’m selling her as is and can not guarantee the reported leak has been resolved.
Here is what she will include:
Stock barrel that does have some wear on the tip,
100% stock Stage 2 M-Tac shell and internals,
MagPul MOE Replica Stock (Off a TM-15)
Asking: Traded

Custom Desert Limited Edition TM-15 with TM Series Rip Clip
Next is a custom TM-15 that I picked up from Old Dawg; an original Desert Limited Edition TM-15 with a custom TM-15 Shell. The pictures show the extra parts. The mods to the TM15 include Magpul trigger guard, Magpul sling mount, Magpul rail covers, the TM15 shroud dremeled out and lettering smoothed, AR15 skeleton stock, Mag well grip, trigger spring mod and the solenoid is V2. Externally the paint should be touched up as there are a few small spots it is coming off. Internals are spotless and show no wear. This will also come with the original Desert shells in like new condition; they look like they have never been used.
It will come with the following:
Unused Original Desert Limited Edition Shells
All Custom Mod Pieces Listed Above
TM Series Rip Clip
Double Trigger
Stock TM-15 Buffer Tube
Stock TM-15 barrel
Stock Internals and board
Small Parts Kit
BT Barrel Sock
Asking: SOLD on X7OG

Thank you for Looking!

Big Papa Pink 10-19-2012 09:14 AM


Big Papa Pink 10-20-2012 09:58 PM


Grimlights 10-21-2012 05:32 AM

Possible trades
Rev-i +$ for TM7 w/rip clip
Rev-i + Shocker for TM7 & TM15 (terra camo)

Big Papa Pink 10-21-2012 08:58 PM

I'll take a look at the Rev-i can you post or PM pics?
Does it have any issues?

Grimlights 10-21-2012 09:48 PM


DashHopes 10-22-2012 12:58 PM

That TM-7 and TM-15 make me drool :drool:
Free bump and good luck!

Big Papa Pink 10-22-2012 03:11 PM

Thank you Sir, they look even better in person!

I'll keep the Rev-i + $ in mind, as it looks like it may go for an Etha, and it is a little more polished than I'm looking for. Nice looking marker.

Big Papa Pink 10-24-2012 10:11 AM


Hawkeye20 10-24-2012 11:56 PM

That TM-7 keeps whispering "Hey, Hawkeye, buy me and put a 12 gram changer and a 50 round hopper on me...."


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