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Ego 11 white / gold!

✔ You pay, I ship.
✔ Once the item leaves my hands, I am no longer responsible for it. If you want insurance, you're paying for it.
✔ Post first before PMing me.
✔ DO NOT ask me for my lowest. The posted price is my number.
✔ Everything is 100% working unless otherwise stated. I will provide a video upon request.
✔ Serious offers only!
✔ All clothing items have been washed. Pictures were taken prior to the wash.
✔ More pictures upon request!
✔ Please post a :tup: in your post if you read the rules!


Ego 11 white / gold. I absolutely babied this thing. 9.9/10 cosmetic and 10/10 mechanical condition. A couple very minor basically unnoticeable dings, and the grips are a little worn from regular play. Probably 10ish cases through it, perfectly broken in on a 1-2/7 configuration. Never gone down on me. It's amazing. Comes with the box, allen keys, manual, barrel cover, and the front/back. $850+shipping/fees

Dye Rotor v2. Has a ripped Exalt speedfeed on it currently, with a new one Exalt sent me right next to it. It will come with both, or I can install the new one for you if you wish. Does not come with the snap-lid. $110+shipping/fees

Dye I4 mask with 3 lenses! The foam has minor wear on it, and the lenses have minor scratches from normal use. The chrome lens was only used once. It will come with all three lenses for $85+shipping/fees.

45/4500 Ninja tank! The best brand. You can see the hydro in the picture, still has a bunch of years left before you have to re-hydro it. It's the best size tank in my opinion, SO comfortable. $95+shipping/fees. Can come with the Planet Eclipse Distortion cover for an extra $10.

Two planet eclipse distortion tank covers. One fits the 45/4500 tank and the other fits my 3000 steelie. They're basically new with very minor wear from regular use. Just washed them! $15+shipping/fees or $10 if you buy it with the tank.

Invert jersey. Size adult small. Just washed it. $20+shipping/fees.

Invert Pants. One of the best investments for a paintballer. Size adult small. I'm 5'10 and these fit me since I was 5'5ish. Basically new. $35+shipping/fees. If you buy this and the jersey together it'll be $50+shipping/fees for the both!

NXE 4+1 pack. Used it once. Comfortable, and overall one of the best packs I've ever used. $15+shipping/fees.

Speed pack! This thing is awesome for speedball! Just washed, and works like a charm. $20+shipping/fees.
Virtue Beanie, great for bounces and it really takes the sting out of getting head-shot. I should have gotten this way earlier in my paintball career, SO great. Just washed it. $15+shipping/fees.

Ninja 3k tank. Just solid, always reliable, and backed by the best company on earth. Bought it last year new, and barely used it. $35+shipping/fees.

Azodin Blitz!(stock barrel not shown, but it will include it) Basically an amazing starters marker. Let all my friends borrow it when we went out. Just rebuilt it, new o-rings, and it works great. Very few scratches, barely noticeable. $125+shipping/fees.

Invert Helix THERMAL mask. This thing is great. The best money I've ever spent on paintball, seriously. VERY comfortable. I like it better than my i4's. That's how good it is. $20+shipping/fees.

Invert Halo Too hopper! I recommend this to EVERYONE. The best value for a hopper on the market. Only used it a few times, and it's an absolute TANK. $50+shipping/fees.

Planet Eclipse Sandana! Wore it 3-4 times before getting my beanie. Just washed it. $15+shipping/fees.

Planet Eclipse gloves. Very comfortable, extremely nice. The index finger has a small rip, but you don't even notice it. One of the best paintball related items I've ever bought. Still lets you rip 12+ bps easy. Doesn't slow you down a bit. $20+shipping/fees.

Deadly wind fibur null barrel. Carbon fiber baby! LIGHT. SO LIGHT. I love this thing. Everyone asks about it. $45+shipping/fees.

3 Dye Locklids and 1 regular pod. Just solid pods. $4 each + shipping/handling. If you buy all 3 you get the regular pod for free!
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Please read our rules. Paypal fees are yours.

Support your local fields. The game you save may be your own.

"No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up." ~ Lily Tomlin
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Okay, I will pay them!
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