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SP-1 and Vibe

I bought this new in 05 or 06 i think. I'm the only owner. It was my primary marker for 3 or 4 years. Eventually I stopped liking the remote setup and I just didnt want to put a tank directly on it. So its been sitting for a couple years now. comes with stock bolt and board. Trinity clamping feedneck. Trinity adjutable stock, will also come with stock back cap (to use without stock). CP asa. Rail covers and front sight also included. Front sight does nothing but look cool. The screws for the stock and asa are mismatched. other than that everything is good to go. I cleaned and lubed and dry fired. works perfect, no leaks. $190 shipped. paypal only.

This vibe I bought about 2 years ago. after I retired the sp1. I was hoping i would love it as much as the sp1, but I just never really used it much. Has blackheart board installed. will come with blackheart manual. Firebolt. Trinity feedneck. Dye sticky grips. old cp non purge on off asa. Cleaned and lubed, dryfired perfect no leaks. $190 shipped. paypal only.

First buyer gets the choice of barrel. A 14" invert carbon fiber or smart parts 14".

I am open to trades. but really prefer $$$$
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Heads up.. prices for these two markers new are much less than prices posted aboe. check em out online and maybe adjust for sale..

new sp1 goes 120 shipped on most sites..vibe around 130/140ish..
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^ about to say the same thing.
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48 weeks.
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