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WAS'ed Impulse + Strange body and parts.

So I've got this project box that I never got around to finishing. I'm selling it as a LOT. NO PARTING WHATSOEVER. In this box are some rare'ish parts. I'm looking to sell/trade my way back into the sport. I know someone out there will want this.

First, there is a complete working impulse. Mostly stock, except for:
-Locking Smart Parts feedneck
-WAS board with eye and eye-cover.

Last I checked, it was working. Stock barrel included.

Also in the box, and mind you, all of these are brand new, most have original packaging.
-Black Strange Impulse body. Completely unused.
-high rise feedneck
-Strange LPR
-Shocktech supa-fly bolt
-New Designs RAT valve
-brand new stock ram/hammer assembly
-RARE black OTB vert frame. 90 frame. Brand new grips.

Between all of this, you'd have a mostly new marker and a bunch of parts leftover. If I don't get a good sale, I'll just keep it, put the marker together and start using it. No skin off my back. I've got various barrels (stiffi, hammerhead kit), a rail, and several on/offs sitting around as well.

Asking: $400 obo. High? probably. But some of this is super rare and some collectible. Shoot me an offer, worst I'll do is say no. Also, I'm interested in trades.

Edit!!! Pics can now be found at:

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id be interested in seeing a pic.
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Price is a little high for an impulse IMO, try out may have some luck there also plus pics would help GLWS
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Bump. Link for pictures has been added.
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Bump. Shoot me an offer.
As far as trades go: I'm looking for Shocker parts, Rotors (I REALLY want a white camo rotor), sft barrels
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