Electronic If it uses batteries, and fires paintballs... This is the place to sell it.

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Black, white, and chrome Geo

Here it is fellas, the chance you have been waiting for. *This marker was looked at by a professional (plumber) which imbued it with great mojo. This gun, we can't call it a marker because it's too awesome for that, actually shoots lazers, bewbz, ropes, and mows muppets...all at the same time. You can go sit down and have a juice box, cause this blingy beast will be out winning games AND texting your girlfriend lining up a date after it wins the game for you.

It's greater than Tom Selleck's moustache. Planet Eclipse had to call Chuck Norris and the World's Most Interesting Man (in that order, of course) to make sure neither of them wanted it before endowing the public with such an armament. It was so perfect in it's conception that it didn't even need upgrades like GS2 or GST. You cannot improve upon an item such as this.

If you are still thinking about it at this point, kick yourself. Act fast. Don't let your buddy buy it out from under you. Next thing you know he will be chillin' with your girl, playin' the pro's, driving in a Lambo..and all because you hesitated. That's right, another side effect is the massive confidence and ego boost you will get from being in possession of pure win like this.

Now, you might be asking, how does a regular fellow like me ever even hope, no, even DREAM of owning something this awesome!?! Well, today is your lucky day, because for the low-low price of $325 bones you could be on your way to greatness. I won't even charge you shipping if you are in the United States, and will provide you with a tracking number to help ease the sleepless nights awaiting your prize acquisition.

*The following claims could be slightly (or wholly) exaggerated.
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what year is it? and any problems?
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No issues, shoots great.
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Tried to pm you if you are flexable on this price.
But it was blocked.

Any chance you can do $250?
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I think there is a minimum number of posts before you can PM. I am not interested in going that low.
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