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cornstar 05-19-2013 06:51 PM

WDP Angel collection for sale Dark, Lasoya, C&C
Selling most of my paintball collection down to about 30 left here are the angels. All of these will be shipped in a high quality foam lined gun shipping box or original box. Many were part of a paintball museum and on display for a few years. These are for sale or I would be willing to trade for like value make offers. I feel my prices are fair current value-yes I know people pick up angels all day off of eBay for $100 but my prices are good considering their condition or rarity and I am very interested in trades so my price also reflects a trade value. Help me fund some more tooling for my mills and lathes. I can also email more and larger photos of each item but will limit this post to only one small photo per item.
Trade stuff I may be interested in: DM’s pre Dye to DM7 or marqs, Higher end pumps, rare or exotic markers, Splash or nicely anodized markers, nice cockers especially custom shop, A1 or G7 or stand out(adrenaline/eclipse/element/cagnoni etc) angel. I retired from pro play in 2007 but still do rec stuff mostly with a pump so a cool mid to late 2000’s tourney gun for me and my boy to play with, Go Pro camera, Fishing and hunting stuff, reloading stuff and components, Machinist tools or DRO’s, everything else feel free to offer.

#1On eBay Early LCD C&C now on ebay





#6SOLD Warped Sports Dark IR3 #55xx. 9/10 finish and condition only due to a few scratchs on the barrel otherwise very excellent condition collector grade gun. This was on display at the Special Ops museum. Breach and bolt have almost no wear. Battery took a charge and the board turns on this gun should work fine after a lube and test tune. Rootbeer to clear fade anno SOLD

#7 Warped Sportz Chris Lasoya IR3 C.L.A.S.S #85xx. They only sold ten of these a month to keep prices high for a portion of one year and it is believed less than 50 were made making it one of the rarest angels ever made. Very unique milling and nice fade anodize dark blue to clear. Either 6 or7/10 for finish and wear mainly due to a few knicks and dings on the top rail and the breech wear. Wall hanger its value is mainly to an angel collector and one of the holy grails for them to get. May or may not be a good shooter I have never tested or played with it battery took a charge and the board turned on. Was on display at the Special Ops Museum until I switched it with the other one I owned. Lasoya himself used these for his final year playing for Avalanch I don’t remember if I got this from him or one of my team mates but it has defiantly been tournament used. All original except for a Shocktech anti-double ball. At one time Alaska tournament players bought many expensive Angels every year with their dividend checks and the Dutch boys were sponsored by WDP so they had to buy angels which started an arms race with the other NPPL Amateur team Element and local wanna-be’s. A team mate of mine bought one of these for almost $2400 shipped to out do the other guys who had $2k+ high end angels such as Elements, Rocky Caganoni LCD and IR3, Adrenalines and cobras. This is one of two I have owned I sold the other champaign colored one for $1000 to another angel collector I am selling this one for $500

#8 Factory Angel4/Speed service center parts kit: All new parts in the case 2)batteries with switch, 1)14-way valve, 4)complete Ram assemblies, 3)bolts, 4)front plugs, 2)COPS switchs, 4)SS older style hammers, 5)newer style SS longer hammers, 7)breech squarish orings, 4) stainless valves, 9)bags of different sized angel o-rings at least 75 total o-rings, 1)big bag of LPR shims, 5)valve spring, 5)valve spring support bobbin, 2)breech rod A4?, 2)breech rod speed?, 2)exhaust valve stem, 4)LPR retaining pins, 4)anti double case, 18)anti double ball, 18)anti double spring, 1)breech rod spring, 4)backplate screws, 4)ram/hammer lock screw, 4)trigger adjust screw, 5)short gripfram screw, 1)long gripframe screw, 2)battery spacer, 3)breech block lock pin, 4)top cover plate screws and washers, 5)grip panel screws, 4)solenoid base plates, 2)vernier trigger adjustment wheel assemblies, 5)bags of misc sensi or COPS parts, 8)plastic feedneck clamp down parts, 2)feedneck anti ball pushback $300

#9 Miscellaneous parts lot: 1)LCD board and screen that turns on to PIN can be unlocked with software 1)LCD board turns on to PIN can be unlocked with software has a cracked screen, 1)#230103010Angel Fly eye+ribbon assm pack NIB, 1)#220102025 Angel Lazer eyes pack NIB, 1)#220101210 Angel universal screw set pack (LED,IR3,LCD,Speed,A4), DYE #53008000 LED two finger trigger guard Angel black, 2)chrome matching 2 ” volumizers, 1)Planet Eclipse chrome LED ASA with 1k pressure guage excellent, 1)green tall feedneck from dark LCD excellent, 1)stock black feedneck, 1)blue twist tall feedneck with wrench marks, 1)Angel LCD back plate silver, 1)new looking factory battery 6V, 2)take out batteries 6V 2)SS LED or LCD valves, 1)blue front plug, 3)Regulator macroline q/r fittings, 1)valve spring, 1)Blade 2-finger trigger black like new, 1)blue plastic 2-finger trigger, 1)LED single trigger black, 2)bags of misc small parts orings and screws. $125

babybond 05-23-2013 03:03 PM

Silver Apollo
Sending message

cornstar 05-26-2013 12:41 PM


aggroman 05-27-2013 09:42 PM

I really want that purple LCD fly without the board or battery. Any interest in a brand new black rotor?

cornstar 07-09-2013 07:09 PM

Updated. Only the Chris Lasoya Angel Signature Series and the parts and parts kit left.

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