Electronic If it uses batteries, and fires paintballs... This is the place to sell it.

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People are cheap.....give this man the money this piece of art deserves....this gun is amazing...
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To be clear how new this thing is. When I got it, it had ~500 shots on the counter with the original board. It never even had an asa attached until I put mine on there. This gun is as close to new as you can get. bump.




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Thanks... And yeah, I still think it's under 2k. I never did remember to check.
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I had a dark Angel around 1999 or so. I've always wanted to get another. How are these on maintenance? Reliability?
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They're workhorses... Like most other electro-pneumatic poppets (Vikings, Timmies, Egos, etc.), they don't need much in the way of maintenance. They do prefer a mid-output HPA bottle unless you flip two of the Belleville springs in the HPR (common mod, there are instructions on the interwebz).

Oh, and shot counter is at 2849. Still three bars of battery.
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