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AcidRain for sale (custom rainmaker)

I have a upgraded-to-the-max rainmaker. Specs:
Custom anodize
Custom milling
Frame adaptor (angel frame)
Lightning bolt trigger
Frontblock/MAC mount
Vertical ASA
Gutted and capped regs (volumizer)
Titanium bolt link
Maddman valve spring
Palmer Rock LPR
TLALOC board (full, semi, burst, fully adjustable)
Mad Marty's Mods 1-5
Tornado Valve (very rare)
Delrin Bolt
Female Stab
Microswitch trigger (very much walkable)
Tornado valve bumpers
Stainless steel screw set
(No stock parts)

Pictures: (for anodize and grip frame reference only, most everything else has been upgraded) I will get new pictures up as soon as I fix my card reader.

PRICE: $375 OBO (priced against Rainman229's XXX rainmaker, if you have an objection or offer tell me, please)
I can add a AA violator reg (same internals as the vigilante, just made out of stainless steel) for $25

The operating pressure is down to 300psi, and it can probabbly hit 20+ bps (I haven't tested it since putting on the new LPR, see below).

*EDIT* Mac valve is leaking like a sieve, likely needs to be replaced, and I don't have one. *EDIT*

You may ask to have any of the upgrade parts replaced with stock parts, and I will take money off the price of the marker.

Please, by all means if you have a trade, post it. I am always looking for more and different guns.

Email is the best way to contact me: QUESTIONS ARE GOOD


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I don't suppose you want some E-Mag lowers? Nice RM, by the way. I love them.

Link in sig.
Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?

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I've got a deal on a sydarm pending, and I'm not really interested in anything that isn't a complete gun, or something that I can use.

Thanks for the offer.
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you add

if you have a halo or somthing you add less.
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oooooooo Nice phantom.

I have to decline your offer though, I'm short on cash already and I'm really looking for an even trade, you add, or cash.

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