Electronic If it uses batteries, and fires paintballs... This is the place to sell it.

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Okay, Being the gunwhore I am, I Knew what I'd win at Today's Scenario Raffle was another gun. I had no idea it'd be this beauty, And they had a laugh at my expense, Telling me they'd flog me if I 'Brazed a 4way on the side or something.'
Ahem. Anyways, This is as aforementioned, New. Box is a bit beat, but the parts kit, Instructions/Disassembly/BIBLE is there, And I'm throwing in an Evil onepiece barrel.

The problem is, see, I can't use this gun. My carbine is enough of a darkside Rate Of Fire temptation, And besides. The pawprint is just a bit too much of a Furry Thing for me, yanno? That, And I'm a paramilitary crazy, Not an agglet.
I have no idea how well this gun works, if it 'Shoots mad ropes' or whatever the kids say these days. All I know is that it looks like a blessedly simple design, and that the trigger feels pretty snappy light whatever. Double detents, breakbeams, and probably a silly number of firing modes.

Price: $600 because it's so damn Minty clean, and been looked at maybe three times since being won.

Invert Mini in Black/Olive, Preferrably in working order,
Tiberius T9
Quite Upgraded, Egripped A-5
Palmers stuff
Leather Dual pistol belt with custom Bandoleers for 10 round tubes/T8Mags (I can dream)
Pneumatics (Lots)
Offer up, if it's Military style and/or Black/olive, I'm interested.
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phantom package pm me
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