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Yeah titus sells those loaders, and speaking of, I do want to get some of those APP 30 round pods to go with my tac8 rig from Spec ops.
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It's definitely a Tippmann hopper, got one myself. APP might be making them branded for Tippmann though. Awesome hopper, strong with a great lid, and I've only seen them at Hell Survivors Exotic Sports stores.

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Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
didn't put a small barrel on, but I have played with a 13/3000 and stock feed on it. Worked awesome, and hung it from my belt on a drill bungee without a problem
I was going to mention your setup. I miss that mini, my problem was actually that it was too light for my tastes. I would love to find a good deal on an Axe.

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Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
$400 per 1000

smoke'em if you got'em.
Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
I'd wipe, play-on and overshoot.
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You should be able to flip the reg and run it Hawaiian style. we did it once to a TM7. although the TM7 doesn't have the board in the way, it should just fit.
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I use my mini in this way on a regular basis, when I don't want to pump. So light and fun.
Its like pump with 3 rnd burst.
I need to get a shorter barrel though.

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i have always rocked the 45/4500 stubby. it is almost the same length at the 13in, but you don't have to worry abotu air like with a 13in.
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Thats a nice one
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For my high school senior project back in '04 I retrofitted the internals from a classic VL 2000 into a much smaller (50-60 round I think, it was a no name brand). It only took me about $25 and 3 or so hours to build. It ended up coming out really well and worked great, the agitator just barely sticks into the hopper and kind of "pokes" the balls rather than stirs them. I have PDF files on my old computer with blueprints I'll try to find it.

Anyone remember those old Zap "mach" something-or-other hoppers? They were really light, but agitated like crap. I wonder if they'd be good for making a small/light setup.
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i'd love to see the PDF. I just got a egg to cut down and mate with a halo but its still monstrous. I like the size of my BE 50rd but i could use some agitation.
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Originally Posted by MacGyver View Post
i'd love to see the PDF. I just got a egg to cut down and mate with a halo but its still monstrous. I like the size of my BE 50rd but i could use some agitation.
That's why I loved shooting my A5 or Phenom with a tac-cap, reliable feeding low capacity hopper. Unfortunately, those guns weigh a ton.

I've been using my Automags with Winchesters and though they feed alright most of the time, there are instances where I wish they would agitate like a revy or something.

I wonder if you could custom up a shelf in those little pocket hoppers like the Proto Primo has and have that help. I've been floating the idea around but haven't actually tried it.
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