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Lurker Eigen Bolt, Boss Bolt v2 or TechT bolt?

I have been thinking about getting a new bolt for my Axe and after reading up on these three bolts i'm leaning towards the Eigen Bolt. Would like some real opinions from people who have used them. Thanks
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I recently purchased and installed an Eigenbolt bolt on my Axe but have yet to take it to the field to play with.

I can speak to the installation process of the Eigenbolt and I will say that you should take your time and read the provided paperwork ( a bit confusingly written at times ). Between the provided paperwork and this installation video you should be able to put it together no problem.

When they say your bolt guide must be free of lube when installing the spacer they aren't kidding. Just take your time and you won't have any issues with it.

My initial impressions are very positive. I dropped my dwell down by half as well as my operating pressure and the gun cycles smoother and quieter than stock. I have some more adjustments to make at the field using their chrono but my yellow hand chrono is telling me I'm at field limits. Not bad... I can't wait to tweak it some more and get it how I like it.

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the axe, mini, and TM series all have similar internals, would i be able to put the eigenbolt in my TM15?
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Originally Posted by Mango View Post
the axe, mini, and TM series all have similar internals, would i be able to put the eigenbolt in my TM15?
No, the TM series bolts are the same design except they have a longer body, so an axe/mini eigenbolt will not fit. Boss has a bolt for the TM series guns, I hear good things.
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I have experience with all three brands. I had a techt bolt in a G4 and after a couple cases of paint, it broke in half. Will never buy techt again. As for the other two, i have a Lurker in my Axe and Boss in my Mini. And have switched back and forth. Both excellent bolts! The Lurker requires the spacer, which can be tricky, but once installed properly, shouldn't give you any issues. Works with stock spring. Dropped my dwell almost in half, lowered pressure, much smoother and quieter. The Boss just drops right in. Also with the same adjustments to dwell and air pressure, made my Axe super quiet and super smooth. Both are great bolts, i would probably go with Lurker, but will require about 3 minutes of your time to install properly. Check threads or youtube for an install vid
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I've shot both the Lurker & Boss bolts in my Axe for extended periods of time. I ended up going with the Lurker because it gives a much smoother shot, and is gentler on paint. The Boss bolts are great too.

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I like the Eigenbolt in my Mini.
The gun is now whisperquiet and very gently on brittle paint.

But you need a good barrel to paint match.
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I have a BOSS V2 in my AXE and think it is great! I have shot other peoples AXEs with the Lurker and TechT bolts and found mine shoots best. That said, I use and underbore barrel (Deadlywind Fibur with .679 or .682 inserts) and have my dwell and pressure setting tuned to 5ms and 140, respectivly.
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