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ruraldawgs 09-19-2012 05:05 PM

Invert mini/Rotor issue
I have an Ion that I got a new Rotor for last week. The Ion has worked fine with a Fasta on it. The rotor works fine on the Ion to (on a single fire mode-basic board).

I just purchased a clean Invert Mini (used 1 yr) and tested last night. The Rotor appears to be not feeding after every trigger pull via ramp mode. Currently set on ramping mode. When I stick my finger in the feedneck (Rotor removed, no air) I can squeeze the trigger and the marker appears to be firing fine.

Anyone seen this issue before ? We did replace the Mini's battery so its not that. The regulator seems to be set for ~280 (might have been 220 I cant remember). I am assuming the chrono is at 220 for Tempe Paintball (an indoor field here in AZ) as this marker was used there allot by PO. Could the batteries on the Rotor be suspect ( 1 of the 3 AA's were brand new, 2 unknown voltage) ?


jerryjjackson69 09-19-2012 09:11 PM

Try a drop feed test with fresh batteries in the rotor and see how it's going. Rotors are constant feed, it shouldn't be having trouble feeding after different shots.

What paint are you using? Is it in good shape? Rotors can be very paint picky. Poor quality, old, or even fresh paint that has been exposed to hot/cold or moisture may not work right.

220 FPS is a really low chrono, some markers will struggle to cycle at the pressure. My guess would be maybe your bolt isn't returning all the way to let a ball in the breech?

Try the drop feed test on the rotor, the try firing the mini on ramping at about 290 FPS chrono and see if that makes a difference.

ruraldawgs 09-20-2012 12:02 AM

Ran some fresh batteries in it tonight. Issue still persists. What exactly is the drop feed test... drop in a ball and make sure it feeds ? one at a time ?

Using some mid grade paint, its 2 wks old. I keep it the air conditioned spare bedroom. When we fire sometimes the balls arnt dropping through the feed neck so maybe the is a combination issue. I think Im going for a teardown and o-ring check/lube.

Rick 09-20-2012 12:22 AM

first of all the mini reg needs to be 200psi. second when my mini would not fire with a rotor attached it was, because, the paintball were to small (.672).

drop test= fill the rotor up with paintball. then turn it on while holding a pod under the rotor. this test will make sure the rotor works. after you done it once. do it again and block the passage of the paintball and then move your finger. this will make sure to rotor feeds the paint then will continue to feed after its is been unblocked(this simulates you pulling the trigger stopping and pulling the trigger again). if the rotor works still after this test. than your rotor is fine. then you have to look into your mini.

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