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measurements of axe/mini main spring?

can someone give me the dimensions of an axe/mini main spring? length, diameter, thickness, how many loops, etc?

i have a jt tac-5m. it has tippmann internals except a strangely gigantic main spring in it. i believe it is factory, because it is trapped between other internal parts and removing it would require a pin punch, which not every tech is expected to carry.

it's shooting 200 and while the paint was severely undersized, i do not believe it is entirely the paint's fault since it was a former rental. i'm hoping it's an axe spring because 1 jt got bought by empire (in other words, kee) and 2 i can't think of another spring like it. it would be grand to have a steady source of replacement springs.
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The marker not shooting higher than 200FPS sounds like you have other issues than just the spring. The stock main spring in a mini/axe would be too light of a spring rate to get any increase in fps, i can tell you that right now. The JT tac-5m stopped production well before JT was bought out by Empire(kee)
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that's the only spring that comes to mind though. it sure isn't automag, that spring is too thick to look like the one i have.

my paint was so small that it rolls past the detent, but i want to have access to other ideas in case a smaller bore barrel doesn't work.
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These measurements are from a very old Invert Mini. I'm told they came with a heavier spring than later Minis, so I don't know if Empire is using this exact spring.

length: 65mm
width: 20mm-21mm (one end is suppose to be slightly larger than other to fit around bolt)
# of loops: 6 not counting flat ends

Hope that helps, but this thing feels pretty light for a hammer spring on a blowback.
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it is a pretty light spring, actually. it's made stronger by being partially compressed even in uncocked state. it's held compressed between the back plate and some other part, locked with a pin. thanks for the info.

and you'd be surprised what springs end up in which guns. i have a spyder clone that uses a tippmann 98 main spring....
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