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PMI Trracer and Empire Trracer parts question

Hi All, really hoping there is someone here who has done some in-depth compatibility research on the trracers.

I am trying to resurrect my old PMI trracer from the dead. Years ago, my powertube broke in half. Some guy's dad wanted me to give him the powertube, power tube nut, and cupseal so he could get someone to fix it. He lost the parts and I haven't used the gun since Have never seen any parts available for it until noticing the have this new trracer out recent.

I am wondering, Can I put the cupseal, powertube, and power tube nut from the NEW Empire trracer into my OLD valve assembly? My hammer will be different than the new empire trracer's of course (the old trracer had the powertube as part of the hammer). I will either cut down the new powertube to fit, or cut the powertube off of my old hammer to make these two work together. It seems the new empire trracer hammers are out of production.

I realize its probably a lot easier to just buy a whole new trracer... but I'd really like to get my old favorite marker working again for nostalgia's sake. If anyone is unsure about this but knows how to contact somebody who WOULD know (would love to get a hold of this 'Simon' guy who apparently designed the new model) please let me know!

Thanks guys.
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I've been wanting to get the new Trracer as my first pump. I'm a newer player (Just started playing this spring), but I noticed this thread has gone a month without a reply and I figure I would pass on what I've read when researching this marker.

Apparently, the outer-working parts are interchangeable... But the inner working parts are not compatible with each other.

So you can completely gut a newer model and put the parts in an older one... but you can't mix the old and new internals.

Basically, you'd have to replace the inner workings with the newer parts.

*edit* you can get the manual here to find the parts you might need:

Hope this helps in some way.

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As a lover of old trracers ....(I got 12) I go to whenever I need parts
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Josilk's got it. Dan keeps a good stock of parts, and is quite knowledgeable as well. I wouldn't bother trying to mix and match pieces. It'll be more headache than it's worth.
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