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I messed with one before having a problem like yours. I think I found it to be a bad magnet for the HES. I found the original had moved slightly from its location. I super glued it back on wherever it went and it seemed to clear up that problem. I can't remember if it attached to a set screw, the trigger itself, or another part of the gun. Maybe the tray? It's been several years since I did it.
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It's the solenoid. It's sticking. I have this problem from time to time. You can disassemble and clean the parts. No big deal.

If it really bothers you contact kee. They will help you out. I have gotten many parts from them for free on used guns. I tell them I am willing to pay, but they don't accept it.
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Fixed it. Piece of cake. Pull out the noid, unscrew the three little Phillips head screws, remove the top, wipe it out, screw back on, screw back in, fire up. There was the thinnest layer of residue... possibly ever, inside the cap. Not even enough to show up on the paper towel I used as a wiper.
Thanks all. I'd write more, but the cat is playing fetch and it must be filmed.
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Originally Posted by sharkytrav View Post
Thanks all. I'd write more, but the cat is playing fetch and it must be filmed.
Youtube or it didn't happen
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Originally Posted by jerryjjackson69 View Post
I'm going to agree with ajohnson677 then, the issue is the solenoid. You can take apart and clean it out with a Q-tip and re-lube it or get a new one. Try giving KEE a call, they have a lifetime warranty that may or may not extend to first gen Mini's but its worth a shot. Even if you need a replacement, they're cheap solenoids. Right around $30 if I recall.
Originally Posted by bob_wuzza View Post
Just find out who the distributor/dealer is now and send them an email. Not sure if they warranty the old stuff but it's worth a shot.
Originally Posted by Twaltz628 View Post
Yeah, I'm having this problem with my current TM7. Let me know if you get anything figured out with your mini and I'll do the same if I figure out anything with my TM7 since they're nearly the same internally.
KEE/Empire sent me the updated V3 poppet, detents, and main board for my V1 Mini (which was technically an Invert gun, not even Empire) all for free. They will even send a free replacement Relay regulator if you're having consistency issues. I believe they prefer to send replacement parts instead of paying one of their techs to fix the broken equipment (which would still be covered under warranty). Call or email their tech support, ask for the parts you need and explain why you need those specific parts, and they will send you whatever. There is honestly no reason for an Empire/KEE gun to be broken lol.
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John and crew at kee are awesome for sorting out problems. It is for this reason I would buy another gun from kee.

Are you sure you are using the right kind, and not to much? A friends axe would not work properly due to too much lube on the bolt. He also had to clean out thoroughly the bolt chamber/barrel due to some marmalade stuff that was still in there.

Personally, I would think your problem is the solenoid though.

P.s. you are using a fresh decent brand battery right?

(D'oh... just saw you fixed it lol - I must learn to read threads fully before replying!)

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